Haulage Highlights

D1013 Western Ranger stands in Platform 6 of Sheffield (Midland) Station at the head of 1V94 14.43 Leeds-Plymouth on 20th January 1977. Earlier in the day the locomotive had passed through Sheffield heading 1E54 07.30 Swansea-Leeds.  railonline

This feature primarily gives details of locomotive hauled passenger trains that were of particular interest to enthusiasts because of their use of ‘out of the ordinary’ Diesel and Electric locomotives. The majority of these trains are/were of a seasonal nature or referred to as reliefs, but not all.

Additional information about the trains covered is welcomed, particularly correcting, adding to, or filling gaps in our records of locomotives used. Please contact Peter Hall with any additional information.Information about East Coast Main Line ‘Haulage Highlights’ can be found here.

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