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In 1994 the commencement date for the Summer Timetable changed from mid May, as it had been for many years, to the beginning of June. This meant that the Saturday of Spring Holiday weekend, when many Summer Seasonal trains ran, fell in the Winter timetable. In order to accommodate those wishing to travel to holiday resorts, the Winter timetable was adapted on that Saturday and any subsequent Saturdays in that timetable. These Saturdays were often refered to as Early Season or Pseudo Summer Saturdays.

Details of the locomotives known to have hauled the trains on the West Country and South Coast / Thames Valley routes on Pseudo Summer Saturdays can be viewed by clicking the links below. Also included for 1995-1997 are the Mendip Trains which started several weeks before Spring Holiday weekend. Also, for 1994 South Wales trains and for 2002 North Wales trains are included.

There were no Pseudo Summer Saturdays in 2001 as the Summer Timetable started in mid May that year.

Additional information about the trains covered is welcomed, particularly correcting, adding to, or filling gaps in our records of locomotives used. Please contact Peter Hall with any additional information.

Listings of Summer Saturday West Country trains in these years can be found in the Summer Saturdays in the West 1994-2002 Haulage Highlight.

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