Class Fifties on ECML passenger trains

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50028 is pictured at Kings Cross on Thursday 28th December 1978 after arrival on 1A21 13:18 Cleethorpes – Kings Cross. which it had hauled from Newark Northgate. Tony Willmore

Between 1977 and 1987, Class Fifty diesel locomotives visited Doncaster Works for overhauls. During this era they were also very occasionally used to haul timetabled ECML passenger trains. All known occurrences are listed below but is is possible there were others. Please contact Peter Hall if you know of any others.

Most mainline testing of locomotives after overhaul was undertaken using the dedicated works test train or a set of spare carriages. However, in 1978 there were several instances when Fifties piloted 1N02 09:30 Kings Cross – Newcastle-upon-Tyne from Doncaster returning L/D to Doncaster from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Otherwise usage seems to have been either in connection with returning locomotives to the Western Region or making use of them whilst they awaited return. Until August 1979 the norm was for locomotives to return to the Western Region L/D via the ECML to London. During this period they do seem to have been commandeered to rescue failed trains on several occasions during that journey.

10 June 1977500091A1008:36 Hull – Kings Crossex works (A)
1L2014:10 Kings Cross – Leedsex works (A)
16 June 1977500091A0808:30 Leeds – Kings Crossattached Doncaster ex works (A)
1L2014:10 Kings Cross – Leedsex works (A)
28 December 1977 50046 (+55002)1S6717:00 Kings Cross – Edinburghattached near Hitchin, detached Doncaster ex works
9 June 1978500201A1309:20 Hull – Kings Crossattached Goole?/Doncaster? ex works
1L1214:45 Kings Cross – Leedsex works
26 June 197850021 (+47417)1A1611:50 Leeds – Kings Cross attached Doncaster ex works
500211L1416:04 Kings Cross – Bradford Exchangedetached Leeds ex works
7 September 197850042 (+xxxxx)1N0209:30 Kings Cross _ Newcastle-upon-Tyneattached Doncaster on test
8 September197850046 (+47459)1N0209:30 Kings Cross – Newcastle upon Tyneattached Doncaster on test
14 September 197850042 (+55017)1A0406:50 Hull – Kings Crossattached Peterborough ex works
22 September 197850034 (+47522)1N0209:30 Kings Cross – Newcastle upon Tynepresumed attached Doncaster on test
24? October 197850029 (+474xx)1N0209:30 Kings Cross – Newcastle-upon-Tynepresumed attached Doncaster on test
28 December 1978500281A2113:18 Cleethorpes – Kings Crossattached Newark Northgate ex works
15 March 197950037 (+55007)1A1410:55 Leeds – Kings Crossattached Newark Northgate ex works
23 June 1979500181L4416:05 Kings Cross – Yorkex works
24 June 1979500181L4214:05 Kings Cross – Yorkex works
20 August 1979500241A2113:17 Cleethorpes – Kings Crossattached Newark Northgate ex works
1L4518:05 Kings Cross – Yorkex works
27 November 198050038 (+55015)1D0212:05 Kings Cross – Hullattached Goole ex works
500381A2816:30 Hull – Kings Crossex works
1S7022:15 Kings Cross – Aberdeendetached Doncaster ex works
8 April 1982500301A0606:20 Cleethorpes – Kings Crossex works
5 January 1984500091S7021:00 Kings Cross – Aberdeendetached Doncaster for works
11?/13? June 1986500181E4320:00 (10?/12? June) Aberdeen – Kings Crossattached Doncaster ex works


(A) – possibly in connection with training Doncaster drivers on the Class