Rail 150 Cavalcade 1975

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For the Rail 150 Cavalcade on 31st August 1975, seventeen locomotive hauled excursion trains were run to/from Darlington. Passengers being transferred to/from Shildon on a DMU shuttle service.

Information about the trains was included in the November 1975 'The Railway Observer' and can also be viewed at Rail 150 Cavalcade Specials. This includes details of the locomotive hauled relief that ran to Kings Cross from Darlington.

Forty-Five years on a couple of queries have arisen with regard to the trains returning after the cavalcade. If you can help in resolving these please contact Peter Hall

(1) - A chap observing at Darlington recorded a 1Z99 headed by 37197 at c17:50.  This wasn't included in the STN for the day and was presumably a late addition to the plan.  Does anyone have any furher details about this train.

(2) - Not included in any reports of the event or the STN for the day was 1G43 16.48? Shildon? to York (Darlington 17.03) relief formed of a ten-car DMU? (information made from notes made by Peter Fox at the time).  Thus, presumably a late edition to the plan. Thanks to Paul Chancellor/Colour Rail, who has provded the picture below, photographic evidence of the train has been provided.  Further information about this train would be welcomed especially its formation and how it reached Shildon.

Pictured coming under the footbridge south of Shildon, close to the site of the cavalcade stands, is Class 110 DMBC E51824 leading a formation displaying headcode 1G43 and destination York. This train does not appear in the STN for theevent , however notes made by Peter Fox at the time suggest 1G43 was a 16:48? Shildon - York relief formed of 10 cars. Photograh courtesy of Paul Chancellor / Color Rail. 

In addition the following trains were provided for VIP's.

Reporting Number Outward Stock stabled at Return Formation
1G10 10.40 Teesside Airport - Heighington Bishop Auckland 16.45 Heighington - Teesside Airport 2 Car Refurbished DMU E5xxxx+E5xxxx (1)
1Z01 11.15 York - Heighington Darlington Up Sidings ----------------- Wickham Saloon DB975005+DB975006
1G11 ------------------------ (2) 15.52 Heighington - York Prototype HST 252001

(1) - Can anyone provide the numbers?

(2) - Final Cavalcade participant

Rail 150 Sunday Excursions - September 1975

As part of the Rail 150 Celebrations steam hauled excursion trains were run from various parts of the country on Sundays in September 1975, with steam haulage between Sheffield and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Known details are given below. Please contact Peter Hall if you can provide any additional details.

Sunday 7th September

1G.. xx.xx Newcastle-upon-Tyne - York / xx.xx York - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

(o) 4498 SIR NIGEL GRESLEY ~ Newcastle-upon-Tyne - York

(r) 4498 SIR NIGEL GRESLEY ~ York - Ferryhill, 37094 ~ Ferryhill - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The planned train from Glasgow with steam haulage by 60009 UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA between Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Sheffield was cancelled. In its place a Newcastle-upon-Tyne to York train was operated with 4498 SIR NIGEL GRESLEY. However, on the return journey it was failed at Ferryhill with a hotbox.

Sunday 14th September

1Z54 xx.xx Bristol Temple Meads - Newcastle-upon-Tyne / xx.xx Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Bristol Temple Meads

(o) D1013 WESTERN RANGER ~ Bristol Temple Meads - Birmingham New Street, 46054 ~ Birmingham New Street - Sheffield, 4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN ~ Sheffield - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

(r) 4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN ~ Newcastle-upon-Tyne - York, 4771 GREEN ARROW ~ York - Sheffield, 45042 ~Sheffield - Birmingham New Street, D1013 WESTERN RANGER ~ Birmingham New Street - Bristol Temple Meads

There was great expectation that the diesel leg of this train would feature a "Western" throughout. As it was, D1013 WESTERN RANGER was only used to and from Birmingham. However, D1013 WESTERN RANGER did subsequently make it to Sheffield, and beyond, on a passenger train, seventeen months later. On 20th January 1977 D1013 WESTERN RANGER headed 1E54 07.30 Swansea-Leeds throughout, returning on 1V94 14.43 Leeds-Plymouth.

Sunday 21st September

1Z40 08.40 Liverpool Lime Street -Newcastle-upon-Tyne / 17.35 Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Liverpool Lime Street

(o) 40019 CARONIA ~ Liverpool Lime Street - Sheffield, 4771 GREEN ARROW ~ Sheffield - York, 1306 MAYFLOWER + 4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN ~ York - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

(r) 1306 MAYFLOWER + 4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN ~ Newcastle-upon-Tyne - York, 4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN ~ York - Sheffield, 40019 CARONIA ~ Sheffield - Liverpool Lime Street

Sunday 28th September

1Z71 06.50 St.Pancras - Newcastle-upon-Tyne / 17.20 Newcastle-upon-Tyne - St.Pancras

(o) 45037 ~ St.Pancras - Sheffield, 4498 SIR NIGEL GRESLEY ~ Sheffield - York, 4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN ~ York - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

(r) 4472 FLYING SCOTSMAN ~ Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Sheffield, 45037 ~ Sheffield - St.Pancras

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