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The following dilemmas have been added in 2023

Class 37's fitted with Central Wales line headlights (1960's & 1970's)

The following dilemmas have been significantly updated in 2023 (most recent first)

What became of Class 14 D9501? - includes a picture possibly taken after D9501 had left Worcester in November 1968

Steam Heat Generators - Diesel and Electric Locomotives - 'A Plate Wagon and Two Boilers' article added (Class 31/ER Train Heating Vans)

Ex BR Class 03s and Class 04s exported in 1972 to Italy - includes Italian pictures of Class 04 D2242

Where did white 'LION' have its dens and meet its fate? -includes a "dedication" ceremony photograph

Class 14 Exports

The Attilio Rossi Ex BRs D2231 and 13xxx-D3xxx - includes an Italian pture of the Class 10 still in BR condition


The past thirty-five or so years have seen numerous books published detailing the disposals of former British Rail diesel locomotives, none though by the RCTS. Although all are in agreement about the disposal of the majority of the locomotives that they list, there are several where entries differ. Initially it was the intention to highlight the differences here and attempt to get to the truth, whilst at the same time airing queries surrounding the accepted agreed disposal of a few other locomotives. It has though become apparent, as a result of work carried out by the What Really Happened to Steam project (WRHTS), that possibly as many as 200 listed disposals may have been fabricated. Thus, at present only a few of the more baffling anomalies are covered here, others will be added in due course. A full list of those resolved by the WRHTS can be found here. Allied to this, the whereabouts of certain locomotives whilst still in BR ownership, or subsequent ownerships, is not always clear. Thus, it is also the intention, to highlight certain of these locomotives and appeal for sightings of those to be submitted, in order to build up a clearer picture of their movements and activities.

The Railway Observer of the late 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s was very prominent in recording diesel disposals and I believe it is fair to say that had tremendous efforts not been made by the then ‘Withdrawn Locomotives’ editorial representative, Peter Trushell, much of the information would not have then come to light. Not unsurprisingly, as mentioned above, the RCTS was not the first to publish a diesel disposal book and still has not. This was left to Mayfield who produced the book ‘Pronounced Life Extinct’ in 1976 authored by a Mr G. Smith of Burnley. What is best described as a revised version of this was published by Midland Railfans in 1978 titled ‘A Decade After’ authored by Kenneth Taylor.























In subsequent years a plethora of titles appeared from publishers such as Ashley Butlin / Coorlea Publishing, David Strickland / Diesel & Electric Group – Locomotive Directory, Platform 5 Publishing – Diesel & Electric Loco Register, Metro Enterprises – Locomotive Lexicon, Roger Harris – The Allocation History of BR Diesels & Electrics, Colin Marsden / OPC - Complete Diesel & Electric Locomotive Disposals and possibly others I have forgotten to mention. It is obvious much extra research went into later disposals in the later titles but often it appears what had already been published about earlier disposals was simply repeated.
























Allied to these books are the Industrial Railway Society ‘Ex-BR Diesels In Industry’ series which detail the diesel locomotives up to 650 h.p. that did not go directly for scrap but saw industrial, preservation or similar use. These containing a wealth of information regarding particular locomotives post British Rail histories. Similar simplified listings, usually only giving the then believed current location, have also been published either as part of other publications or as stand alone publications.






















The links take you to dilemmas that have been solved and those were research is ongoing. Please take time to have a look at the Dilemmas for Solving and see if you can help. One observation or a single photograph often proves to be the key to solving a dilemma.

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Dilemmas Solved

13366 – D3366 – 08296 and D3955 – 08787 identity swap

D3739 - 08572 and D3899 - 08731 identity swap

Ayrshire Class 11s (12052 and 12093)

Scrapping of Class 21 D6146

Scrapping of Baby Deltic D5908

Class 24 D5005-D5025 identity swap

Final Disposal of Class 33/2 D6588 - 33203

Who scrapped D373-40173 at Inverkeithing?

Coopers Metals, Sheffield & the scrapping of D1675-47089 AMAZON

Dilemmas for Solving

Ex BR Diesel Shunting Locomotives Exported to Italy

-   Ex BR Class 03s and Class 04s exported in 1972 to Italy

-   The Attilio Rossi Ex BRs D2231 and 13xxx-D3xxx

-   Ex BR Class 03s exported to Italy via Cairnryan

-   Ex BR Class 03s, Class 06 and Class 07 exported to Trieste, Italy

Industrial Locomotives Exported to Italy

A. R. Adams & Sons, Newport - Ex BR Shunters

Where exactly was Class 03 D2185 located in the 1970s?

Cotswold Rail Class 03s - D2070, 03128, 03141, 03145, D2150

The Scottish Hunslets D2574-D2585

Class 06 observations in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s

Kent and East Sussex Shunting Locomotive observations in the 1970s, 80s and 90s

Ex BR Class 08s of the Somerset Quarries

Snowplough Class 08s

What actually happened to 13093-D3093? (and other G. Cohen anomalies)

Where were 08627 & 08748 actually scrapped?

Were D3639 and D3649 exported to Guinea?

Derby Works Scrappings

Where did G. Cohen actually scrap 12046?

What became of Class 14 D9501?

Class 14 Exports

Steam Heat Generators - Diesel and Electric Locomotives

Ex Main Line Locomotives used as ETS mobile generation units

RTC Main Line Locomotives 1968 - 1978

What actually happened to D5383? (and other J. Cashmore anomalies)

Did D6121 and D6122 swap identities in 1964?

Which Class 21s (D61xx) were scrapped at Coatbridge?

Class 37's fitted with Central Wales line headlights (1960's & 1970's)

Romanian Class 56 delivery trains

Where was 56015 actually scrapped?

Where did white 'LION' have its dens and meet its fate?

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