Where were 08627 & 08748 actually scrapped?

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The most recently published book comprehensively listing diesel locomotive disposals is Ashley Butlin's 'Diesel & Electric Locomotives for Scrap' published in 2015. This gives the disposal of BR Class 08's D3794-08627 and D3916-08748 as "Bird Group, at Ipswich WRD 2.97". This disposal being repeated elsewhere on line and in print.

RCTS and Ipswich Transport Society (ITS) member Graham Hardinge has however raised doubts about the accuracy of this disposal. This is what Graham said.

"I refer to the above locos which are shown in Roger Harris’ ‘bible’ as being withdrawn in January 1994, then stored at Croft Street wagon shops at Ipswich where they were seen during March 1994. (I noted them at Colchester on 15/1/94). So far, so good. They were then allegedly sold to Birds, Long Marston, but not broken up on-site at Croft St until 10/2/97. Contrary to this information, the Ipswich Transport Society Journal recorded that the locos were collected by Allelys on 19/8/94 and 23/8/94, respectively, and these were both seen on the A14 on those dates, reportedly bound for Long Marston.
I feel that the ITS version is more likely to be the correct one but confirmation would bring closure to this mystery. It seems very odd to me that Birds would have purchased these locos in 1994 but not scrapped them until three years later. Another reason for thinking the ITS version reflects what actually happened is backed up by Croft St WRD having been open to the public for the EUR150 event in June 1996. I attended that event and recorded all the locos present, and can confirm that 08627 & 08748 were not among the five 08s on view that weekend. This therefore suggests that they couldn’t possibly have been cut up on site eight months later, but had already left." 

Whilst not being conclusive as to the location were scrapping of 08627 & 08748 took place, Ipswich WRD was clearly not the location. Most likely, scrapping took place at Long Marston in the late summer or early autumn of 1994. If not at Long Marston, then at another yard associated with the Bird Group. It would therefore be extremely useful if anyone who saw the two locomotives after they were reported on the A14 makes contact with Peter Hall.

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