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BR Cartic Ramps on BR Mark I underframes

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Pictured in Dover Town Yard in the mid 1980s is an unidentified Cartic Ramp. Any information about it would be welcomed. Andy Prime

Another Cartic Ramp mystery is that of the identity of the second ramp which was located at Dover in the mid 1980's with 060772. For details about 060772 see BR Cartic Ramps on BR Mk I underframes.

The second ramp is pictured above and is not thought to have used a BR Mk I underframe. No identification could be found on it when examined. Whether it had been previously located elsewhere is not known, similarly it is not known what became of it.

It is a full length Ramp with side loading for the lower deck.

Any sightings or information about this ramp would be welcomed by Peter Hall.

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