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This train was formed in 1960 for use on the Southern Region and consisted of staff and spraying coach DS70070 converted from SR Maunsell design BCK 6888, DS70071 converted from tender 676 off locomotive 31763 and DS70072 converted from the tender off locomotive 31145. It was based at Horsham so is presumed to have had a connection with Chipmans whose trains were also based there.

The two tenders, DS70071 and DS70072 were taken out of use in 1968 and presumably replaced with Tank Wagons. If so it has not yet been established which.

In 1974 DS70070 and presumably whatever wagons were with it transferred to the Eastern Region and were based at York Skelton Yard. The train was photographed there in 1978 and consisted of DS70070 and tank wagons B998955 and B998957. These wagons had been built in 1959 as Creosote tanks. In c1981 a shunting accident in Skelton Yard resulted in extensive damage to DS70070 which was then condemned.

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