Summer Saturdays in the West 2002

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Pseudo Summer Saturdays 1994 - 2002

Summer Saturdays in the West 1994 - 2002

As the Summer of 2002 progressed the number of locomotive hauled trains reduced. By late August only one locomotive hauled train to/from the North survived along with trains to/from London Paddington. These were expected to continue until the end of September, some though were substituted with HST's on the final day.

Engineering works in the Birmingham area connected with the WCRM project resulted in a revised timetable from 20th July for trains to/from the North West.

A table giving details of the locomotives used can be found here

Additional information about the trains covered is welcomed, particularly correcting, adding to, or filling gaps in our records of locomotives used. Pleaser contact Peter Hall with any additional information.

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