Summer Saturdays in the West 2001

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Summer Saturdays in the West 1994 - 2002

This was the final summer before the 'Voyager DEMU's started to take over trains to/from the North and Midlands. One did sadly make a visit to Paignton towards the end of the season. Three trains ran each way to/from London Paddington were scheduled although several HST substitutions occurred on these and trains to/from the North. Overall though, the number of locomotive hauled trains was the highest since 1992.

The 09.30 ex Paddington and 11.40 ex Penzance again conveyed Motorail traffic. However, this was the final year that this happened.

The table of trains and locomotives used can be found here

Additional information about the trains covered is welcomed, particularly correcting, adding to, or filling gaps in our records of locomotives used. Pleaser contact Peter Hall with any additional information.

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