Summer Saturdays in the West 1994

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Pseudo Summer Saturdays 1994 - 2002

Summer Saturdays in the West 1994 - 2002

The Summer 1994 timetable saw a significant reduction in the number of locomotive hauled Saturday trains serving popular holiday destinations in the West Country, when compared with the previous and earlier years.

Cornwall continued to have a single overnight train to Penzance that originated from Manchester to where it returned mid morning.

Paignton was the destination for the only other remaining overnight train, this originated from Glasgow and Paignton was also the destination of the three remaining daytime trains. Five return trains originated from the English Rivieria during the day.

Commencing in 1994 the Summer timetable commenced at the beginning of June rather than in mid May as it had done for many years. Thus, an adaptation of the Winter timetable operated on the Saturday of the Spring Holiday weekend at the end of May.

The table of 1994 trains can be found here

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