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D5705 arrived at the Railway Technical Centre (RTC), Derby in the Autumn of 1968 having been taken out of service at Carlisle Kingmoor that September.  Renumbering to S15705 took place in early 1969.  It does appear that S15705 was initially quite active on test trains  although sightings were rarely reported.  During  the Summer of 1972 S15705 was regularly used on the Tribometer Train before being replaced by D5901 later that year.  The Tribometer Train first saw use during 1972 and was used for Mobile Adhesion Testing.  The Railway Magazine have given permission for their Mobile Adhesion Testing article from the June 1973 edition to be incuded in this dilemma.  After use on the Tribometer Train during 1972 S15705 does not appear to have moved from Derby, being regularly observed in the RTC sidings.  It left for a new life on the Western Region on 18th September 1974.

Please submit any sightings you may have made of D5705/S15705 from the Autumn of 1968 until the Autumn of 1974 to Peter Hall. Those of it working test trains in its early RTC years will be of particular interest.

Sightings for D5705

LocoLocationDateSeen by
S15705East Leake00/04/1969David Ford
S15705Derby10/08/1969Brian Cuttell
S15705Derby01/03/1970Brian Cuttell
S15705Derby Works Yard10/04/1970Rob Stpne
S15705Derby RTC11/04/1970Stewart Hookins
S15705Derby RTC26/07/1970Brian Cuttell
S15705St.Albans (test train)25/02/1972p.280 5/72 RM
S15705Derby RTC12/04/1972Paul Green
S15705Derby RTC30/05/1972Paul Green
S15705Derby (+EMU 2001)03/06/1972p.497 9/72 RM
S15705Wolverhampton19/06/1972p.320 9/72 RO
S15705Wolverhampton26/06/1972p.320 9/72 RO
S15705Derby RTC01/07/1972Robert Mullins
S15705Derby RTC09/07/1972Paul Green
S15705Wolverhampton10/07/1972p.320 9/72 RO
S15705Derby RTC16/07/1972Paul Green
S15705Kettering (Tribometer train)15/08/1972Clive Field
S15705Derby Works (open day)26/08/1972derbysulzers.com
S15705Derby Works03/09/1972Stewart Hookins
S15705Derby RTC07/10/1972Phil Bell
S15705Derby RTC11/02/1973Paul Green
S15705Derby RTC18/02/1973Phil Bell
S15705Derby RTC24/02/1973Phil Bell
S15705Derby RTC08/04/1973Stewart Hookins
S15705Derby RTC20/05/1973Stewart Hookins
S15705Derby RTC20/05/1973Paul Green
S15705Derby RTC23/06/1973Paul Green
S15705Derby RTC30/07/1973Paul Green
S15705Derby RTC05/08/1973Stewart Hookins
S15705Derby RTC13/08/1973Paul Green
S15705Derby Holding Sidings25/08/1973A Ledwick
S15705Derby RTC25/08/1973Paul Green
S15705Derby RTC16/09/1973Guy Tritton
S15705Derby04/12/1973Brian Cuttell
S15705Derby RTC05/01/1974Brian Cuttell
S15705Derby06/05/1974Brian Cuttell
S15705Derby RTC04/08/1974Peter Hall
S15705Derby RTC21/08/1974Paul Green
S15705Derby RTC31/08/1974Peter Hall
S15705Derby RTC31/08/1974Paul Green

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