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Delivered direct to NCB Coal Products Division, Caerphilly Tar Works, 29th November 1968. By March 1969 it had moved to Glyn Neath Disposal Point operated by Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Company to whom it was sold by January 1970.

D2182 was last seen at Glyn Neath Disposal Point in May 1972 and what became of it in the subsequent couple of years is the subject of much conjecture. It is reported at Caerphilly Tar Works on 4th Novemer 1972 but as carrying a 1961 builders plate, suggesting this sighting may actually have been of either D2178 or D2193 on hire from A. R. Adams & Son. D2182 as far as is known carried a 1962 builders plate. Sightings of any Class 03’s at Caerphilly would thus be very much appreciated.

By September 1973 D2182 had arrived at Gatewen Disposal Point, New Broughton, having been painted in a light – mid green livery with predominently white handrails. It is suggested that this repaint and an overhaul took place at A. R. Adams & Son, Pillgwenlly in 1973. Thus, any sightings of D2182 between May 1982 and the end of 1973 would be of particular interest.

Locomotive Date Location Observer
D218215 March 1969Glyn Neath Disposal PointRoger Butcher
D218226 March 1969Glyn Neath Disposal PointJohn Martin
D21825 April 1969Glyn Neath Disposal PointAlan Burgess
D21826 April 1969Glyn Neath Disposal PointIRS ref 69-5078
D218226 May 1969Glyn Neath Disposal PointIvor Thomas
D21823 June 1969Glyn Neath Disposal PointIRS ref 69-5153
D21826 July 1969Glyn Neath Disposal PointIRS ref 69-5169
D21821 August 1969Glyn Neath Disposal PointPhilip Cartwright
D21825 October 1969Glyn Neath Disposal PointIRS ref 69-5240
D218215 October 1969Glyn Neath Disposal PointRaymond Green
D218210 January 1970Glyn Neath Disposal PointIvor Thomas
D218229 August 1970Glyn Neath Disposal PointMike Kennard
D218230 March 1971Glyn Neath Disposal PointW. J. Cashen
D218229 May 1972Glyn Neath Disposal PointIRS ref 72/5055
D2182 (or another)4 November 1972NCB Caerphilly Tar WorksMichael Flowers
D2182 (+D2148)11 October 1973Gatewen Disposal Point, New BroughtonIRS 162
D218224 March 1984Coalfield Farm Disposal Point, HugglescotePeter Hall

Further sightings of this locomotive whilst with Adams and subsequently would be welcomed by Peter Hall