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Delivered direct to Aberaman Colliery Washery, January 1970. Soon after moving to Wiggins Teape, Ely, Cardiff. When noted there in August 1970 it had acquired light-mid green livery with mainly white handrails suggesting it had visited A. R. Adams & Son Old Dock Works, Newport by then.

It seems that although often recorded as built in 1962, the year it first saw service, a 1961 builders plate was carried. This may be a factor in it not always being correctly identfied. For many years it also retained an 84A shed plate. D2186 was painted into an identical livery in 1972 but carried a 1962 builders plate. It is though possible that sightings for these two between 1971 and 1974 might have inadvertently been wrongly reported if a deailed examination hadn’t been possible.

In 1974 it was sold to the operators of NSF Coed Ely Coking Plant, Tonyrefail.

D217824 February 1970Moved from NCB Aberaman Colliery Washery to Wiggins Teape, Ely, CardiffIRS ref 70-5028
D217820 August 1970Wiggins Teape, Ely, CardiffMike Kennard
D217810 April 1971Wiggins Teape, Ely, CardiffIRS ref 71-175
D217811 April 1971Wiggins Teape, Ely, CardiffIRS ref 71-5035
D217828 April 1971Wiggins Teape, Ely, CardiffIRS ref 71-219
D217823 August 1971Wiggins Teape, Ely, CardiffVic Burling
D217818 July 1972NCBOE Gwaun-ca-Gurwen Disposal PointIvor Thomas
D217821 July 1972 left NCBOE Gwaun-ca-Gurwen Disposal Point?
D2178 (+D2139)18 June 1974NSF Coed Ely Coking Plant, TonyrefailIvor Thomas
D2178 (+D2139)20 April 1975NSF Coed Ely Coking Plant, TonyrefailIvor Thomas
D2178 (+D2139)23 August 1975NSF Coed Ely Coking Plant, TonyrefailIRS ref 75/0505
D217830 October 1979BREL Swindon WorksIRS ref 79-6502A
D2178 (+D2139)13 March 1983NSF Coed Ely Coking Plant, TonyrefailPeter Hall

Further sightings of this locomotive whilst with Adams and subsequently would be welcomed by Peter Hall