Ex BR Class 03s & Class 04s exported in 1972 to Italy

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Still surving in Italy in September 2015 was this Class 04, its BR identity being D2289. It was located at Acciaierie di Lonato sugar warehouse (formerly a steelworks), Lonato, Brescia. Italy   Peter Wreford

During the early 1970s, Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey, Kent acquired at least fifteen, but probably more, Class 03 and Class 04 locomotives from British Rail, almost certainly through ‘agent’ R. E. Trem & Company. Those with known identities were D2019, D2032, D2033, D2036, D2043, D2070, D2126, D2216, D2242, D2249, D2282, D2289, D2293, D2294 and D2295. Of these D2043, D2126, D2249, D2282 and D2293 are reported to have been scrapped whilst D2070 and D2294 were retained and saw use with Shipbreaking (Queenborough) for many years. The remainder, D2019, D2032, D2033, D2036, D2216, D2242, D2289 & D2295 were exported to Italy during 1972. Although originally thought all went to the Brescia area in the north of the country, the recent emergence of a picture of D2295 almost certainly taken in the south of the country in 1974 suggests otherwise.

Over the years, information has been published about the exported locomotives but the full picture has still to emerge. Some of this information has been slightly contradictory, so in an attempt to establish as clear a picture as is possible about the Italian history of these locomotives, anyone with information is invited to get in contact. In particular sightings of the locomotives in Italy, giving details of date and location are very welcome. These can be submitted to Peter Hall   Photographs of these locomotives in Italy are also very much welcomed.

Of the eight locomotives the locations of seven have been confirmed; D2019, D2032 & D2216 are belived to have gone to Stablimento ISA, Ospitaletto, D2033 & D2036 to Siderurgicia Spa, Montirone, D2242 to Feralpi, Lonato and D2289 to Acciaierie di Lonata Spa, Lonato. D2289 was the last of these known to survive but was repatriated in June 2018 and is now located at the Heritage Shunter Trust, Rowsley, Derbyshire. It is probable all the others have now been scrapped although D2033 was reported and photographed as recently as 2004 at Montirone. Although D2295 has been widely reported as having gone to Lonato this is now considered very unlikely. This locomotive most likely having gone direct to Sidergica Meridonale steelworks, Termoli, Campobasso, Nolise, Italy.  If a second Class 04 was at Acciaeierie di Lonato it is likely this was only for a short time as a source of spares.

Briefly, what is known about each of the seven locomotives can be found by clicking on the individual locomotive number below. It should be noted that in some cases this contradicts what may have been published elsewhere. Thus the need to compile as much information as is possible about these locomotives.









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