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Ex BR Class 03s & Class 04s exported in 1972 to Italy

Withdrawn 10/69 and initially stored at Neville Hill, Leeds. Sold to R. E. Trem, Finningley and moved to C. F. Booth, Rotherham in June 1970. Stored there until c10/71 when moved to Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey. Exported in May 1972 by sea to the port of La Spezia, Liguria, Italy, thence to Ferralpi steelworks, Lonato, near Brescia, Italy where it carried number 1. Broken up c1982.

D2242 in use at Feralpi Steelworks, Lonato. Cherubini

These two pictures show D2242 in use at Feralpi Steelworks.  In the first picture it is fitted with an additional motor compressor placed in a cage on the bonnet. This was later placed in the cab as in the second picture taken at a later date.


D2242 in use at Feralpi Steelworks, Lonato. Mascherpa

The earliest sighting in Italy so far traced is that from Edoardo Tonarelli in 1976. Edoardo noted at the time that although the locomotive was said to be D2294, the coupling rods were stamped 11212 and D2242. Why it was said to be D2294 is not clear, however, p.351 10/72 RO says 2293/4/5 had been exported to Italy from Queenborough. It seems that it was actually 2242/89/95 that had been exported with 2293/4 remaining at Queenborough.

Locomotive Date Location Observer
D2242 21 August 1971 C. F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham Adrian Booth
D2242 c23 March 1972 Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough IRS ref 72/339
D2242 during 1976 Feralpi, Lonato Edoardo Tonarelli


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