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The effects of working in the salty environment of Middlewich are clear to see in this picture of D2150 taken on 22nd July 1983 at British Salt, Middlewich.    Adrian Booth

In early 2000 this locomotive was located at British Salt, Middlewich, where it had been since 1973. It has been recorded that it moved to the Telford Steam Railway on 13th April 2000. This though didn't take place.  However, when asked, a representative of the Telford Steam Railway stated  "D2150 was owned by Staffordshire Locomotives and was said to be coming to the railway but never arrived".

D2150 actually moved from Middlewich to the yard of J & H Parry & Sons (Shawbury), The Oaks, Shawbury Heath, Shawbury, Shropshire where Staffordshire Locomotives stored locomotives.  The movement from Middlewich to Shawbury was possibly the one that actually took place on 13th April 2000.  Possibly the intention was to continue on to Telford at a later date but this didn't happen.    D2150 is then quoted as moving to the Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh in September 2000, this though was not the case.  The truth was that it actually moved to the yard of haulage contractor Allelys in Studley, Warwickshire.  Again, possibly the intention was for D2150 to layover at Studley before continuing to Moreton-in-Marsh but this never happened.

Various components were removed  from D2150 whilst at Studley including the engine which was exported to Egypt.  What remained of the locomotive was scrapped at Studley about July 2001.  It seems that whilst at Studley it was actually reported as being D2070 which was never at Studley.

Dated sightings of this locomotive would be very useful indeed in establishing what precisely its movements were.  Please forward sightings to Peter Hall

Sightings for D2150

Loco Location Date Seen by
D2150 British Salt, Middlewich 24/03/1979 Steve Kemp
D2150 British Salt, Middlewich 22/07/1983 Adrian Booth
D2150 British Salt, Middlewich 17/01/1997 Simeon Gaskell


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