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D9505 is pictured at Moerbeke-Wass Sugar Factory, near Gent, Belgium on 25th May 1996.   Mark Jones

This locomotive saw industrial service at APCM, Hope, Derbyshire along with D9534 from September 1968 until May 1975.

On 5th May 1975 both departed Hope by rail for Harwich where they have been reported as arriving on 10th July.  This though is contrary to a report from the Ipswich Transport Society that D9505 and D9534 were towed through Ipswich by 37044 on 10th May as 9X35 on their way to Harwich.  This does though suggest that they may have spent a short time elsewhere, possibly Whitemoor Yard, where they were photographed. Perhaps they also spent time at Harwich after arrival which explains the 10th July date.  Any sightings  during this period would be welcomed. Transported by sea from Harwich to Belguim. Moved to SA Sobermai, Maldegem, near Bruges, Belgium were it was overhauled before being sold to Suikergroep N. V. Operstraat, Moerbeke-Waas sugar factory, near Gent, Belgium.

Recorded as scrapped on site 1999.

Sightings for D9505

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D9505 (+D9534)Passed through Ipswich hauled by 37044 as 9X35 10/05/1975Ipswich Transport Society
D9505SA Sobermai, Maldegem, near Bruges, Belgium01/05/1976IRS visit report
D9505SA Sobermai, Maldegem, near Bruges, Belgium27/06/1976IRS visit report
D9505Moerbeke Sugar Factory, near Gent Belgium07/07/1987 Robert von Hirschhorn
D9505Moerbeke Sugar Factory, near Gent, Belgium28/11/1992Railway Magazine June 1995
D9505Moerbeke Sugar Factory, near Gent, Belgium07/12/1994Railway Magazine June 1995
D9505Moerbeke-Wass Sugar Factory, near Gent, Belgium25/05/1996Mark Jones