SR/BR Non-Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock Disposals

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The publication in the 1970’s of the ‘Coaching Stock of British Railways Books’ created increased interest in the NPCCS built to SR designs still then in use on the BR network. Details of condemnation and disposal details for many of these as they were withdrawn through the 1970’s and early 1980’s was given in the ‘Railway Observer’ but the disposal of many went unrecorded. What appears here is a ‘work in progress’ to list the disposals of the various vehicles of bogied types that survived into the 1970’s and beyond.

Contributions from those who have observations or other information is very much welcomed. When you get a chance please have a trawl through your notebooks and photo albums, it just might be that you visited scrap yard or passed some exchange sidings when no one else was about and have a unique observation. As more information is received the entries will be revised to increase their accuracy.

In the following listings, where information is available, the location on the British Rail network from where the vehicle was despatched from for disposal is given. Where a “disposed from” date is included, this is the date recorded for initial movement. It should though be noted that it could take days, if not weeks, to reach the intended destination. If a date is preceded by ‘p’ then the date being referred to is a BR period rather than a calendar date. Where preservation locations have changed names the most recent is normally quoted. Similarly, where Counties are quoted the current name is used.

SR/BR Non-gangwayed Passenger Brakes

SR/BR General Utility Van

SR Travelling Post Office Vans