Q21.14 Cl.08 Shunter Yellow and Black Stripes

Q. When were the yellow and black stripes first painted on the ends of 350hp diesel electric shunters and which was the first to be so treated? (David Tyreman 7972)

A. First application of Wasp stripes to 350hp shunters. The first use of Wasp stripes appears to have been early in 1960. There were two batches of Cl. 08 shunters being built at that time. Unfortunately photographs of the type were quite rare in this period. However there is a picture of D3878 which was to traffic on 28/4/60 with showing stripes two months later and D3880 was pictured so adorned on 22/5/60. D3840 from a different batch which was new in 1/60 did not carry stripes and the last of that batch was D3841. However there is a photograph dated 17/1/60 of Cl. 11 12100 with Wasp stripes apparently recently ex shops. Thus it would seem that the policy might have been in place from the start of 1960. The first new 08 to traffic in 1960 was D3866 so can any member advise of any loco with Wasp stripes prior to 1/1/60 and check for 1960 images of D3866-D3878 to determine which was the first to appear with stripes.