1986-1987 Season – Wadsley Bridge Footexes

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30th August 1986 – Sheffield Wednesday v Chelsea – league match

London ? – Wadsley Bridge / Wadsley Bridge – London ?45141

12th April 1987 – Coventry v Leeds United – F. A. Cup semi-final

This was the first F. A. Cup semi-final to be held at Hillsborough since 1981.

1G30Leeds – Wadsley Bridge47454
1G31Leeds – Wadsley Bridge47411
1G32Leeds – Wadsley Bridge45112
1G33Leeds – Wadsley Bridge47475
1G35Leeds – Wadsley Bridge45144
1G36Leeds – Wadsley Bridge?????

The information quoted is for the inward trains. Information regarding return trains would be welcomed. No information has been unearthed regarding trains for Coventry supporters.

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