1985/86 season

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11:55 Cambridge-Ipswich / 17:07 Ipswich-Cambridge

31414 waits at Dullingham with 11:55 Cambridge to Ipswich footex on 12 April 1986. This was the last loco hauled footex; for the final Ipswich Town home game of the season two weeks later a dmu was provided. Mister C

The footex continued into the 1985/86 season, and it still gave opportunities to cover the Coldham Lane to Chippenham Junction section on a loco hauled train, even if the motive power was of less interest for the enthusiast.

1 February was the only time the footex ran between 4 January and 8 March. As in 1984/85, this was mainly due to bad weather leading to matches being postponed.

1985/86 season – 11:55 Cambridge-Ipswich / 17:07 Ipswich-Cambridge

24 August Not known 14 December 47605
31 August31112*28 December47580
14 September31248*1 January47584
21 September31453*4 January47542
12 October314081 February31407
26 October314258 March31418(a)
2 November3141222 Marchdmu
16 November3140912 April31414
30 November4758126 Aprildmu

* – 1208 Cambridge-Ipswich, (a) – failed at Cherry Hinton, dragged back into Cambridge by 31163 and train cancelled

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