Class 76 – Locomotives that had SHG removed by 7/81

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The majority of texts referred to state that the listed locomotives were fitted with SHG from new. However the book EM1 & EM2: An Illustrated Historical Review of the Manchester, Sheffield, Wath, Electric Locomotives-76s & 77s (2014) by John Hooper (Book Law publications) suggests this was not the case The table below shows the information contained in the book. Further comments welcomed.

LocomotiveFitted   Removed   Comments
26000From newLeft in situ
260202/552/66Re-fitted 7/77 when taken into the National Collection
260497/5511/55Refitted 3/56
26050From new6/77
26051From new12/70
26052From newLeft in situ
26053From new10/70
26054From newLeft in situ
26055From newLeft in situ
26056From new11/70
26057From new7/72