ADB966512 – ADB968012 (ex 08111)

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An undated picture of ADB968012 probably at Frodingham Depot   John Wade

Converted at Doncaster Depot in 1977. Initially numbered ADB966512, this was soon changed to ADB968012 whilst still at Doncaster Depot. The number DB966512 was also actually carried by a sludge tender based at Rugby. ADB968012 subsequently moved to Frodingham Depot. Scrapped at Doncaster Works in 1979.

Sightings for ADB966512

LocoLocationDateSeen by
ADB966512Doncaster Depot05/06/1977Peter Hall
ADB966512Doncaster Depot05/08/1977Paul Green
ADB966512Doncaster Depot07/08/1977David Smallwood
ADB968012Doncaster Depot04/09/1977Peter Hall
ADB968012Doncaster Depot25/09/1977Peter Hall
ADB968012Doncaster Depot04/10/1977Paul Green
ADB968012Doncaster Depot16/10/1977Peter Hall
ADB968012Doncaster Depot20/11/1977Peter Hall
ADB968012Frodingham03/12/1978Kevin Watson