ADB966509 (ex D3069)

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ADB966509 at Thornaby Depot in 1978   Terry Bye

Converted at Doncaster Depot in 1974/1975 were it was initially based. During 1976 it moved to Thornaby Depot, being used just once in early 1978 (see introduction to this dilemma). It was scrapped on site at Thornaby Depot in 1980.

Sightings for ADB966509

LocoLocationDateSeen by
ADB966509Doncaster Depot01/03/1975p.142 5/75 RO
ADB966509Doncaster Depot31/05/1975Ian Prince
ADB966509Doncaster Depot14/06/1975Bob Stone
ADB966509Doncaster Depot20/07/1975Mike Martin
ADB966509Doncaster Depot09/11/1975Peter Hall
ADB966509Doncaster Depot01/02/1976Paul Green
ADB966509Doncaster Depot08/02/1976Peter Hall
ADB966509Doncaster Depot15/02/1976Peter Hall
ADB966509Doncaster Depot29/02/1976Peter Hall
ADB966509Thornaby Depot30/08/1976Peter Hall
ADB966509Thornaby Depot19/03/1977Peter Hall
ADB966509Thornaby Depot29/05/1977Stewart Hookins
ADB966509Thornaby Depot26/06/1977Kevin Watson
ADB966509Thornaby Depot26/06/1977Paul Green
ADB966509Thornaby Depot26/08/1977M Doleman
ADB966509Thornaby Depot21/07/1979p.420 11/79 RO
ADB966509Thornaby Depot09/09/1979Malcolm Fleming