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This picture of ADB966507 was taken at Lincoln Depot in 1974. Normally those based at Lincoln were to be found at the former steam depot site at East Holmes.   John Wade

ADB966507 along with ADB966508 at the former steam shed site at Lincoln East Holmes on 12th October 1975   Dave Glossop

Converted at Doncaster Depot in 1973/1974. Actual re-numbering probably took place in December 1973 as it still carried the number 3006 on 25th November 1973. It was initially located at Doncaster Depot but after a short time it moved to Lincoln were it is recorded as arriving on 11th February 1974 (p.130 3/74 RO). Sightings of this at Lincoln are particularly sought in order to establish exactly where at Lincoln this was berthed during its period there. In early 1976 it moved to March Depot and around that time both it and ADB966508 also located at Lincoln lost their 'A' prefix. Although ADB966508 subsequently gained a 'T' prefix ADB966507 does not appear to have subsequently been prefixed. Scrapped at Doncaster Works in 1979.

This undated photograph shows Snowplough Class 08 ADB966507, then numbered DB966507 at March Depot   PM

Possibly the last picture taken of ADB966507, by then numbered DB966507, located in the scrapping area of Doncaster Works on 19th August 1979. Dismantling having started.

Tony Willmore who took the above picture of ADB966507 in its final days notes that it shows the leading A had been removed by this time. Also that the axle-end cranks had been removed or chopped around, this presumably as a result of the rough riding mentioned elsewhere in relation to these devices.

Sightings for ADB966507

Loco Location Date Seen by
ADB966507 Doncaster Depot 05/01/1974 p.122 3/74 RO
ADB966507 Lincoln East Holmes 11/02/1974 p.130 3/74 RO
ADB966507 Lincoln Depot (+ADB966508) 14/07/1974 p.339 10/74 RO
ADB966507 Lincoln East Holmes (+ADB966508) 17/11/1974 Nigel Sporne
ADB966507 Lincoln East Holmes (+ADB966508) 20/12/1974 A Yates
ADB966507 Lincoln East Holmes (+ADB966508) 12/10/1975 Dave Glossop
ADB966507 Lincoln East Holmes (+ADB966508) 19/01/1976 Mike Martin
DB966507 March Depot 17/04/1976 Bob Stone
DB966507 March Depot 21/08/1976 John Woolley
DB966507 March Depot 29/10/1976 Peter Hall
DB966507 March Depot 06/11/1976 Peter Hall
DB966507 March Depot 05/02/1977 Peter Hall
DB966507 March Depot 26/03/1977 Mike Martin
DB966507 March Depot 29/05/1977 Peter Hall
DB966507 March Depot 30/08/1977 Paul Green
DB966507 March Depot 05/09/1977 Edward Barnes
DB966507 March Depot 07/01/1978 Peter Hall
DB966507 March Depot 05/03/1978 M Doleman
DB966507 March Depot 03/06/1978 p.75 70s Spotting Days ER
DB966507 March Depot 25/03/1979 Kevin Law
DB966507 March Depot 13/04/1979 Paul Green
DB966507 Whitemoor Yard, March 03/06/1979 Brian Cuttell
DB966507 Doncaster Works 29/07/1979 Kevin Law
DB966507 Doncaster Works 29/07/1979 Malcolm Fleming
DB966507 Doncaster Works 12/08/1979 Peter Hall
DB966507 Doncaster Works 19/08/1979 Tony Willmore


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