The Scottish Hunslets D2574-D2585

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Five Scottish Hunslet built shunting locomotives are pictured at Thornton Depot on 27th July 1968. From left to right they are D2595, D2582, D2580, D2581 and D2585.   Peter Martin

Twelve shunting locomotives built by the Hunslet Engine Company, numbered D2574-D2585, were delivered to the Scottish Region in 1958 and 1959. They saw less than ten years service with British Rail before being withdrawn in 1967 & 1968.

D2574 & D2575 were first allocated to Stranraer but also had periods at Ayrshire depots before moving to Thornton and finally Dundee. D2576 - D2585 were all first allocated to Thornton and were so allocated throughout their BR service except for D2584 & D2585 that spent a couple of years based at Dundee.

A particular reason for the associated Class 06 observations in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s query was to get a better understanding of where such locomotives based in Fife could be observed in the late 1960s and 1970s. As the Hunslets were withdrawn from Thornton the Class 06s arrived and took over many of their duties, it is therefore sensible to also consider the Hunslets. Thus in order to also get a better understanding of where the Hunslets could be observed, observations of the various locomotives in the late 1950s and 1960s are sought.

Listed below are the various locomotives. By clicking on a particular locomotive you will be taken to a page giving brief historical details and any observations so far submitted. Further observations should be submitted to Peter Hall including date and location.

When submiting a location please take particular care if the locomotive was observed at one of the following:- Glasgow Works - please specify 'Cowlairs Works, Glasgow' or 'St Rollox Works, Glasgow'. Dunfermiline Depot - please specify 'Dunfermline Upper Depot' or Dunfermline Townhill Depot, Halbeath'. Thornton - please specify 'Thornton Junction Sidings' - the sidings around Thornton triangle and Thornton Junction station (closed), 'Thornton Depot' - the former steam depot also used for diesels opposite the colliery or 'Thornton (Redford) Yard' - the 1950's yard a mile west of the former steam depot were the 1984 built diesel depot is located.

In 1967 another eleven Hunslets arrived from England, D2587, D2589, D2590, D2592, D2593, D2595, D2596, D2597, D2608, D2617 & D2618, but these were soon withdrawn. Sightings of these are not currently being sought except for D2589 and D2595 that were based at Thornton.















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