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Arrived at the Railway Technical Centre (RTC), Derby on 23rd July 1969 from Carlisle. Although based at the RTC it would appear that it was often to be found at Wilmslow, where it is understood the RTC had an outstation, or at Longsight Depot, Manchester. Test trains appear to have regularly run between Manchester and Crewe using this locomotive and either Test Coach ‘Hermes’ (RDB975081) or Test Coach ‘Mentor’ (ADB975091) which was fitted with a pantograph. It is reported to have been taken out of service at Derby in October 1971 with a siezed turbo-charger. However, the submission of a sighting of it at Longsight two months later suggests it returned to service. Railway Magazine (p.280 5/72) reports that it arrived at the GEC Works at Stafford on 22nd/23rd February along with D8545 & D8567 from Polmadie for use as emergency generators. The Railway Observer (p.172 5/72)reports the trio passing through Stoke-on-Trent on 10th March destined for Cockshute depot. The report does not make it clear whether all three were towed by another locomotive or whether D8512 towed the other two. It would appear to have then moved to Longsight Depot where it was joined by its replacement D8598. Clearly it was taken out of service during the first half of 1972 but a more accurate date has yet to be stablished. During late July/early August 1972 it was moved to Glasgow Works for scrapping. Sightings which would confirm its movements at this time would be particularly useful. D8598 arrived at the RTC as a replacement in the Spring of 1972.

Please submit any sightings you may have made of D8512 from the Summer of 1969 until the Summer of 1972 to Peter Hall. Those of it working in the Crewe and Manchester areas will be of particular interest.

Sightings for D8512

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D8512Clay Cross23/07/1969Brian Cuttell 
D8512Derby10/08/1969Brian Cuttell 
D8512Derby RTC05/10/1969Bob Stone 
D8512Derby RTC11/04/1970Stewart Hookins 
D8512Derby10/05/1970Brian Cuttell 
D8512Derby RTC13/06/1970Robert Mullins 
D8512Cockshute Depot03/07/1970p.529 9/70 RM 
D8512Longsight Depot20/07/1970p295 09/70 RO 
D8512Longsight Depot03/08/1970Tom Bartlett 
D8512Longsight Depot21/10/1970p.16 01/71 RO 
D8512Longsight Depot22/11/1970Robert Mullins 
D8512Derby RTC23/05/1971p.272 8/71 RO 
D8512Wilmslow (+Test Coach)12/06/1971p.272 8/71 RO 
D8512Longsight Depot17/08/1971Guy Tritton 
D8512Birmingham New Street26/08/1971p.625 11/71 RM 
D8512Derby curve06/10/1971Peter Crawley 
D8512Tollerton (Old Dalby)14/10/1971Jack Hooke 
D8512Derby RTC16/10/1971Phil Bell 
D8512Derby Depot17/10/1971p.413 12/71 RO 
D8512Longsight Depot29/12/1971Tom Bartlett 
D8512Longsight Depot30/01/1972Edward Irvine 8441 
D8512Longsight Depot (+D8598)00/04/1972Mark Bartlet 
D8512Longsight Depot (+D8598)03/06/1972p.443 8/72 RM 
D8512Longsight Depot (+D8598)05/07/1972p.320 9/72 RO 
D8512St. Rollox Works, Glasgow12/08/1972p.365 10/72 RO 
D8512St. Rollox Works, Glasgow24/08/1972Guy Tritton 
D8512St. Rollox Works, Glasgow14/10/1972p.452 12/72 RO 
D8512St. Rollox Works, Glasgow21/10/1972Paul Green 

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