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Arrived at the Railway Technical Centre (RTC), Derby in Autumn 1975 as a replacement for D5901. It was renumbered RDB968007 and saw regular use on the Tribometer train that was formed of Auto-trailer coach RDB975076, van 99990 and Laboratory Coach 22 RDB975036. It also saw use on other test trains. Sightings of this locomotive are sought during its first three years or so at the RTC prior to it being renumbered 97201 in 1979.  Please forward these to Peter Hall.

RDB968007 heads the Tribometer Test Train up Hemerdon Bank, Devon on 19th November 1976   Bernard Mills

This 'going away' shot shows RDB968007 hauling the Tribometer Test Train up Hemerdon Bank, Devon on 19th November 1976.. Closest to the camera is Auto-trailer RDB975076.   Bernard Mills

Sightings for D5061

Loco Location Date Seen by
RDB968007 Derby RTC (Tribometer Train) 24/01/1976 Midland Railfans Vol 1 No.2
RDB968007 Syston (Tribometer Train) 26/04/1976 Gerry Desmond
RDB968007 Trent Jcns (Tribometer Train) 06/05/1976 Gerry Desmond
RDB968007 Derby RTC 11/06/1976 Gerry Desmond
RDB968007 Syston (Tribometer Train) 21/06/1976 Gerry Desmond
RDB968007 Barrow-on -Soar 28/06/1976 Gerry Desmond
RDB968007 Loughboro-Leicester with 25207 12/08/1976 Kevin Watson
RDB968007 Derby Etches Park 13/08/1976 Paul Green
RDB968007 Derby Etches Park 04/09/1976 Gerry Desmond
RDB968007 Derby Works 04/09/1976 Paul Green
RDB968007 Totnes (Tribometer train) 19/11/1976 RO 1/77
RDB968007 Hemerdon Bank, Nr Plymouth (Tribometer Train) 20/11/1976 Rail-online.co.uk
RDB968007 Derby 06/12/1976 Tom Bartlett
RDB968007 Derby 08/01/1977 Ian Prince
RDB968007 Derby RTC 27/01/1977 A Ledwick
RDB968007 York (Tribometer Train) 09/03/1977 David Smallwood
RDB968007 Derby RTC 26/08/1977 Paul Green
RDB968007 Derby RTC 24/09/1977 Paul Green
RDB968007 Cricklewood Depot 01/12/1977 Tony Willmore
RDB968007 Derby Etches Park 28/03/1978 railblue.com
RDB968007 Derby Works (open day) 05/08/1978 Kevin Law
RDB968007 Derby Works 05/08/1978 Paul Green
RDB968007 Derby Works 05/08/1978 David Smallwood
RDB968007 Derby Etches Park 27/12/1978 Paul Green
RDB968007 Derby Etches Park 24/02/1979 Kevin Law
RDB968007 Derby Works 17/03/1979 Paul Green
RDB968007 Doncaster Works 29/07/1979 Kevin Law
RDB968007 Doncaster Works 12/08/1979 Peter Hall
RDB968007 Doncaster Works 29/08/1979 Dave Plimmer
(RDB968007) Toton Depot (rubbed down, chalked number?) c15/03/1980 Mark Jones


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