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As well as finding use at Ramsgate depot this locomotive undertook trips to Margate where it often stabled. The requirement for a shunting locomotive ceased around about 1980. If submitting a sighting please put a comment as to the location observed e.g. Margate, Ramsgate Depot.

Sightings for Thanet

LocoLocationCommentsDateSeen by
15231ThanetMargate Station Pilot30/05/1971BOB Stone
3224ThanetMargate31/03/1973Rob Stpne
08381ThanetDalesrail trip Ramsgate13/04/1975N. Sporne
08385ThanetRamsgate24/08/1975Rob Stpne
08380ThanetMargate15/05/1976Peter Hall
09013ThanetMargate24/08/1976Andrew Yates
09013ThanetRamsgate Depot11/04/1977Peter Hall
09013ThanetRamsgate Depot13/08/1977Oscar Calder
08381ThanetRamsgate, shunting yard (parcels?)01/11/1977eastwestdivide
08385ThanetMargate around 10:45, then arrived at Ramsgate 13:2021/12/1977eastwestdivide
08/09xxxThanetit was travelling from Margate to Ramsgate at about 13:4513/02/1978eastwestdivide