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The locomotive here stabled at the former Folkestone East station being deployed in the adjacent sidings and harbour branch. The use of a shunting locomotive at Folkestone ceased about late 1976.

Sightings for Folkestone

Loco Location Comments Date Seen by
3998 Folkestone In the Yard. Mystery Excursion, East Lancs to Ramsgate 1Z45. 26/05/1973 Alastair
4105 Folkestone 23/07/1973 Edward Barnes
4101 Folkestone 15/09/1973 N. Sporne
08847 Folkestone Folkestone East. Mystery Excursion, East Lancs to Ramsgate,1Z45. 25/05/1974 Alastair
08847 Folkestone 26/05/1974 Tom Bartlett
09008 Folkestone Folkestone East.All line Rail Rover. 28/08/1974 Alastair
09011 Folkestone Dalesrail trip 13/04/1975 N. Sporne
09013 Folkestone 18/05/1975 Alan Donaldson
09013 Folkestone 25/09/1975 Peter Hall
08383 Folkestone 24/01/1976 Stewart Hookins
08847 Folkestone 27/03/1976 Peter Hall
08847 Folkestone 22/05/1976 Alan Donaldson
09013 Folkestone 05/06/1976 Alan Donaldson
08847 Folkestone 22/08/1978 Paul Green


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