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When not in use the shunting locomotive stabled in the former steam depot and thus was not easy to identify particularly from passing trains. This duty ceased, probably in late 1976.

Sightings for Faversham

Loco Location Comments Date Seen by
3665 Faversham Faversham Sunday 30/05/1971 BOB Stone
D3466 Faversham 02/12/1972 Tom Bartlett
3998, D4015 Faversham 24/03/1973 Alan Donaldson
3998, D4015 Faversham 31/03/1973 Rob Stpne
4015 Faversham 15/09/1973 N. Sporne
08650 Faversham All line Rail Rover. 28/08/1974 Alastair
09018 Faversham Dalesrail trip 13/04/1975 N. Sporne
09018 Faversham 24/01/1976 Stewart Hookins


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