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Several shunting locomotives were kept busy in Town Yard and Ferry Sidings. The norm was three for most of the 1970s and 80s. The number though reduced when Class 33/2’s took over train ferry loading duties.

Further details regarding the situation in the 1980’s and 1990’s has been provided by Graham Ledger who worked in the trainferry part of railfreight / RfD HQ at the time. Graham says “The old arrangement at Dover Western Docks with the St Germain/St Eloi (i.e. before the linkspan and the Nord Pas De Calais) was that two 350 shunters were used in loading and unloading the ferries. There were 2 tracks on the ramp (points and four tracks on the ferries) and to keep the ferries stable and prevent them tilting a similar no/weight of wagons had to be propelled simultaneously along each track, with two locos running side by side. This was normally done with some haste. (Incidentally, it presented the not unusual hazard of stepping out of the way of one noisy approaching train into the path of another – the area had inset track) I am pretty sure that three locomotives were kept at Dover Western Docks to ensure that two were always available. Can?t remember why they were 09s rather than 08s but it might have been for maintenance purposes so they could scuttle back to Hither Green – although they went onto the ship fast it wasn?t THAT fast. Because of the angle of the ramp relative to the track on the dockside (even though the ship was in a dock i.e. not affected by tide) the locos balanced on the middle wheels at one point. I think that the replacement by 33/2s coincided with the new linkspan but I?m not sure”.

Sightings for Dover

LocoLocationCommentsDateSeen by
D4099DoverDover Marine30/05/1971BOB Stone
4110Dover13/06/1971Alan Donaldson
4099Dover28/08/1972Alan Donaldson
3470, 4106Dover31/08/1972Alan Donaldson
3470, 3817, 4099, 4101, 4106Dover01/09/1972Alan Donaldson
D3719, D3817, D4001, D4099, D4110Dover02/12/1972Tom Bartlett
3719DoverDover Priory31/03/1973Rob Stpne
3719, 4107, D4099DoverMarine Station,Mystery Excursion,1Z45, East Lancs to Ramsgate.26/05/1973Alastair
3998, 4106, 4107, 4110Dover15/09/1973N. Sporne
08830Dover04/05/1974John Woolley
09008, 09011, 09013, 09018, 09022DoverMarine Station. Mystery Excursion, East Lancs to Margate, 1Z22.25/05/1974Alastair
09008, 09013, 09018, 09019Dover26/05/1974Tom Bartlett
09011, 09022, 08847, 08892DoverDover Marine,All line Rail Rover.28/08/1974Alastair
09011Dover04/09/1974Andrew Yates
08650, 09008, 09022DoverDalesrail trip13/04/1975N. Sporne
08650, 09008, 09022DoverDover Marine24/08/1975Rob Stpne
09018Dover02/09/1975Andrew Yates
09008, 09011Dover24/09/1975N. Sporne
08847, 08892, 09018Dover28/09/1975Peter Hall
09013, 09018, 09019Dover27/12/1975Alan Donaldson
08833, 09008Dover24/01/1976Stewart Hookins
09008, 09011, 09019Dover27/03/1976Peter Hall
08650, 09022Dover30/10/1976Peter Hall
08892, 09019, 09022Dover11/04/1977Peter Hall
09018Dover23/04/1977Paul Green
09008DoverDover Marine11/08/1977eastwestdivide
09019DoverDover Priory13/08/1977Oscar Calder
08847, 09013, 09018Dover23/07/1978Brian Cuttell
08833, 09008Dover22/08/1978Paul Green
08833Dover24/03/1979Brian Cuttell
09019, 09022Dover26/05/1979Paul Green
09013, 09022, 09023Dover30/09/1979Kevin Law
09018, 09022Dover06/10/1979Paul Green
09008Dover06/10/1979Paul Green
09018, 09022, 09023DoverWestern Docks15/03/1980Richard Upton
09019, 09022, 09023Dover20/07/1980Kevin Law
08833, 09023Dover21/09/1980Kevin Law
08847, 09022, 09023Dover04/10/1980Kevin Law
09018, 09021Dovertown yard01/08/1981jerry glover
09008, 09023Doverferry sidings01/08/1981jerry glover
08847, 09021Dovertown yard05/08/1981jerry glover
09013, 09018Doverferry sidings05/08/1981jerry glover
09013DoverDover Town03/09/1981eastwestdivide
09011DoverDover Town01/10/1981eastwestdivide
09021Dover13/10/1981Alan Donaldson
09018, 09021, 09023Dover28/11/1981Kevin Law
09013, 09019, 09022Dover03/04/1982Paul Green
09013, 09021, 09022DoverDover Town area03/08/1982eastwestdivide
09018, 09022Dover14/08/1982Kevin Law
09011, 09019Dover14/05/1983Stewart Hookins
08414, 09013Dover26/05/1983Stewart Hookins
09011, 09023Dover29/05/1983Kevin Law
09011, 09018, 09008DoverArchcliffe Jc18/07/1983K Busby
09018, 09019Dover25/07/1983K Busby
08830,09008,09011DoverWestern Dock14/08/1983Alex Mowbray
09018DoverDover Town08/09/1983eastwestdivide
09021, 09023DoverDover Town19/09/1983eastwestdivide
09008Dover19/05/1984Andrew Yates
09019Dover24/05/1984Stewart Hookins
09019, 09022DoverWestern Dock07/08/1984Alex Mowbray
09018Dover31/05/1986Andrew Yates
09013, 09024Dover07/06/1986Roy Hennefer
09021, 09023Doverferry sidings13/07/1986jerry glover
09008Dovertown yard13/07/1986jerry glover
09013, 09021, 09023Dover22/11/1986Stewart Hookins
09013, 09023DoverTown yard11/04/1987Andrew Dodgson
09019, 09021Dover12/03/1988Roy Hennefer
09002, 09013, 09018, 09019Dover29/04/1988Stewart Hookins
09021, 09022Dovertown yard18/07/1991jerry glover
09018, 09019DoverMy notes say Dover West25/04/1992Chris Larkin
09011Dover09/04/1994K Busby
08653, 08825, 08913Dover16/07/1994Brian Cuttell