Kent and East Sussex Shunting Locomotives in the 1970s, 80's and 90s

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This appeal for sightings is slightly different to that for sightings of Class 06s, Hunslets D2574-D2585 and Ex BR Class 08's of the Somerset Quarries in that rather than seeking sightings of particular locomotives, sightings at particular locations are sought.

08650 is seen stabled just to the west of Tonbridge station, downside, on 24th January 1976   Alastair Allan

In the 1970s, 80s & 90s a number of Hither Green, Ashford Chart Leacon and Selhurst Class 08s and Class 09s were out-stabled at locations in Kent and East Sussex. Sightings of these locomotives at the various locations are sought in order to better understand which particular locomotives could be found at which locations over the years.

Hither Green Depot supplied locomotives from its allocation for duties at Hoo Junction and Medway. In December 1980 the Hither Green allocation was absorbed by Selhurst Depot who then took over responsibility for supplying locomotives for these duties.

Ashford Chart Leacon Depot supplied locomotives from its allocation for duties at Faversham, Thanet, Shepherdswell, Dover, Folkestone, Paddock Wood and Tonbridge. In addition various duties around Ashford were covered but sightings of these are not currently being sought.

Brighton Depot supplied the locomotive for Newhaven, although this responsibility transferred to Selhurst in May 1973 when Brighton lost its allocation. Selhurst Depot also took over responsibility for duties at Hoo Junction and Medway in December 1980 when it absorbed the Hither Green allocation.

Listed below are the various locations in Kent and East Sussex where shunting locomotives had duties. Clicking on the location will bring up a page giving further details of the location and sightings so far submitted at that location. Please submit any sightings you may have made of shunting locomotives at these locations to Peter Hall  giving date, locomotive(s) and location.  When submitting more than one locomotive at a particular location please use xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx (e.g. 08892, 09019, 09022 or 4015, D4107, 4110)

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