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To Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough, Kent, July 1976; exported to Trieste, Italy, February 1977; It was initially stored in the premises of or adjacent to Acciaieria Ferriera Adriatica (A.F.A.) in the docks area. A.F.A. itself was actually just a holding company (a steel warehouse in effect, used for import/export purposes)?, part of the much larger Lombarde Falck (now Gruppo Falck) enterprise. A.F.A. in Trieste seems to have gone out of business around 1973 and these buildings were reported out-of-use by 1974. It is then recorded as having been used at the Lucchini Group steelworks at Servola.

Recent research by David Gregory casts doubt on the Servola reference. David says that a list of all Lombarde Falck holdings show no evidence of any link to the Servola steelworks which was actually part of the ILVA company – known simply as ‘Italsider’ at the time of the locomotives’ export to Trieste. Servola has since changed hands and names several times! In fact, any documentation that suggests that Ex BR locomotives were exported for use by Lucchini at Servola is an anachronism – Lucchini group did not have any holding/interest at Servola until 1995.

It is though known that it was later overhauled by IPE at their workshop in the village of Pradelle, Nogarole Rocca, Verona and then used by Trafilierie Carlo Gnutti S.p.A. at the Steel Works located west of the station in Chiari, Brescia.  It was scrapped on site, 23rd May 1997.

03164 was one of four locomotives exported to Italy in 1977. During the summer of that year it was photographed either at or adjacent to the premises of Acciaieria Ferriera Adriatica in the docks area of Trieste.   Giorgio Grissla

Shortly before it was scrapped, 03164 was photographed at Acciaierie ISA, Chiari Steel Works, Brescia on 10th May 1997.   Mark Jones


Sightings for D2164

LocoLocationDateSeen by
03164Shipbreaking, Queenborough21/08/1976IRS ref 76-0489
03164Shipbreaking, Queenborough27/08/1976Gary Pullan
03164Shipbreaking, Queenborough 14/02/1977C. J. Coates
03164Trieste Docks, Italy08/1978Giorgio Pride
03164Acciaierie ISA, Chiari Steel Works, Brescia, Italy01/08/1996p209 Deutsche Lokomotiven in Italien
03164Acciaierie ISA, Chiari Steel Works, Brescia, Italy28/08/1996Mark Jones
03164Acciaierie ISA, Chiari Steel Works, Brescia, Italy10/05/1997Mark Jones