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  The allocation history of this locomotive has it first being allocated to Hamilton in February 1960. Transferring to Polmadie in May 1960. Finally transferring to Eastfield in September 1967.

This though is not fully born out by the observations. The sightings at Greenock suggest either a loan to this sub-shed of Polmadie or even a transfer for various periods. Also, was it actually transferred to Ayr in 1966 prior to transferring to Eastfield the following year.

The locfomotive was withdrawn from Eastfield in December 1968 where it was initially stored.

Class 06 D2432 stabled at Ayr Depot on 28th March 1967. Adrian Booth

The photographer was very lucky to catch D2432 en route from Scotland to the Isle of Sheppey. The location is Gosforth High Street, then the A1! Although not certain, the date is thought to be 19th May 1969.   Brian Henderson

This photographer was also very lucky to catch D2432 nearing the end of its journey from Scotland to the Isle of Sheppey. The location is Medway Service Station on the M2 through Kent. Peter Hall from the IRS archive courtesy of Andrew Smith.

A second photograph of D2432 nearing the end of its journey from Scotland to the Isle of Sheppey. The location is Medway Service Station on the M2 through Kent. Peter Hall from the IRS archive courtesy of Andrew Smith.

The locomotive was sold to R. E. Trem & Company, Finningley, near Doncaster. They in turn sold it to Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Oueenborough, Isle of Kent for further use.

Movement from Glasgow to the Isle of Sheppey would appear to have been taken in part or most likely in whole by road. In addition to the accompanying photographs there is a report of it being sighted at Stamford on 20th May 1969 on road transport.

It was put into use on the internal network of lines then operated by Shipbreaking (Queenborough). These had in the past been operated by Settle, Speakman & Company. D2726 was also in use at this location at that time.

It remained in use until it was exported to Italy in March 1977. Further details of its subsequent history can be found in Shunters exported to Italy where all sightings of this locomotive after it left Queenborough should be submitted.

Sightings for D2432

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D2432Cowlairs Works, Glasgow02/03/1960RO 1960 page 128 
D2432Polmadie Depot17/07/1960Andrew Lait
D2432Greenock (up goods)03/09/1960RCTS Photo Archive CH00681 
D2432Polmadie Depot14/01/1961paul carpenter b/w slide 
D2432Polmadie Depot08/01/1962Dave Hird 
D2432Polmadie Depot22/04/1962Roy Hennefer 
D2432Polmadie Depot14/06/1962Ian Ward 
D2432Polmadie Depot08/07/1962Roger Smith 
D2432Polmadie Workshops23/09/1962BLS Dec 1962 Page 172 
D2432Greenock Ladyburn shed14/04/1963Robin Lush 
D2432Polmadie Depot19/04/1963David Hunt 
D2432Polmadie Depot20/04/1963Ian Ward 
D2432Polmadie Depot12/01/1964Tony Burgess 
D2432Polmadie Depot29/03/1964  
D2432Polmadie Depot11/04/1964David Lewis
D2432Polmadie Depot26/07/1964Ian Lander 
D2432Polmadie Depot02/08/1964Roy Hennefer 
D2432Polmadie Depot09/08/1964Charles Taylor 
D2432Polmadie Depot16/08/1964Bob Stone 
D2432Polmadie Depot04/10/1964David Hunt 
D2432Polmadie Depot22/11/1964Roy Hennefer 
D2432Polmadie Depot18/04/1965A Ledwick 
D2432Polmadie Depot18/04/1965Roy Hennefer 
D2432Polmadie Depot01/08/1965Bob Wallen 
D2432Polmadie Depot01/08/1965Bob Stone 
D2432Polmadie Depot07/08/1965Roy Hennefer 
D2432Polmadie Depot10/04/1966Roy Hennefer 
D2432Polmadie Depot11/04/1966Alan Ledwick 
D2432Ayr Depot19/06/1966Bob Stone 
D2432Ayr25/06/1966Alan Ledwick 
D2432Ayr Depot27/08/1966stuart ottaway 
D2432Ayr Depot27/08/1966Peter Martin 
D2432Ayr28/08/1966Colour-Rail archive 
D2432Ayr Depot28/03/1967 Adrian Booth
D2432Ayr Depot20/08/1967Philip Cartwright
D2432Eastfield Depot10/09/1967Roy Dean 
D2432Eastfield Depot10/03/1968Peter Martin 
D2432Eastfeild Depot25/05/1968Alan Turton 
D2432Eastfield Depot28/07/1968Peter Martin 
D2432Eastfield Depot03/08/1968Robert Warburton 
D2432Eastfield Depot27/08/1968Robert Warburton 
D2432Eastfield Depot12/01/1969Philip Cartwright
D2432Eastfield Depot20/04/1969Peter Martin 
D2432Gosforth High Street (on road transport)19/05/1969Brian Henderson
D2432Stamford (on road transport)20/05/1969
D2432Medway Services, M2, Kent (on road transport)20/05/1969Peter Hall (IRS)
D2432Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough24/01/1971Gordon Edgar 
D2432Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough (wharf)22/10/1972Gordon Edgar 
D2432Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough08/11/1975Mike Martin 
D2432Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough24/01/1976Tom Bartlett