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Withdrawn by BR from Eastleigh Depot in April 1971, it was reported in transit at Woking Up Yard on 16th March 1972 along with D2293 & D2294 destined for Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough, Kent. Exported by sea in May 1972 to the port of La Spezia, Liguria, Italy, thence to Sidergica Meridonale steelworks, Termoli, Campobasso, Nolise, Italy.  What subsequently became of it is not known.  Although recorded in various publications as being at Acciaierie di Lonato SpA, Lonato steel works, Lonato, Brescia. Italy, and scrapped their 1982, no photographs or confirmed sightings to support this have been found. It being presumed it had been mistaken for D2289

The only known picture of the locomotive in Italy shows it receiving an overhaul in 1974 and carrying branding suggesting it was used by Siderurgica Meridionale Stefana Antonio S.P.A. Termoli. This location is in Southern Italy well away from the Brescia area of Northern Italy where other locomotives exported at the time subsequently were discovered.

A picture purporting to be this dated 5th September 1991 appeared in ‘Ex-BR Diesels in Industry’ – 5th edition, 2000. It is presumed that the locomotive in the picture was actually D2289.

Sightings for D2295

D2295c23 March 1972Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough Peter Nicholson