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Roberto Cocchi has very kindly given permission for his two photographs taken at Albate Camerlata in 1974 of the former BR Class 10 to be reproduced here.

The mystery Class 10 was photographed at Lissone, Lombardy, Italy on 29th June 1973. It was then owned by Attilio Rossi and used for shunting track materials in connection with the relaying of the Milano to Como line. Alberto Perego

The mystery Class 10 is seen in use at San Martino Battaglia and is suspected to have been taken in 1990 when it was known to have been in use there.   Mascherpa

The photographic evidence here confirms that a former British Railways 350 h.p Class 10 locomotive was in Italy by June 1973 and that the same locomotive was still present in 1990. However, a report exists of a former British Railways 350 h.p. locomotive being present as early as 1969. It may though be that the locomotive seen in 1969 was not the one pictured. For now though, all sightings are being collated here until the dilemma can be unravelled. Further details can be found at ‘The Attilio Rossi ex-BRs D2231 and 13xxx-D3xxx’

Sightings for 13xxx

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D3xxxImperia, Italy07/1969p.120 4/70 RO
D3xxxLisone, Italy29/06/1973Alberto Perego
D3xxxAlbate Camerlata, Como, Italy23/03/1974Roberto Cocchi
D3xxxMori, Trento, Italy07/09/1981LCGB Bulletin 10/81
D3xxxSan Martino della Battaglia, Lombardy, Italy01/01/1990p210 Deutsche Lokomotiven in Italien
D3xxxVicenza, Veneto, Italy29/08/1999Gary Pullan