D3998 – 08830

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Hired from Cardiff Railways arriving at East Somerset Railway Cranmore in October 1996. It saw use at both the East Somerset Railway and Merehead Stone Terminal before returning to Cardiff Railways in September 1999. Please submit any sightings you may have made of this locomotive whilst it was in Somerset between October 1996 and September 1999,

Sightings for D3998

LocoLocationDateSeen by
08830East Somerset Railway, Cranmore16/03/1997Paul Green
08830East Somerset Railway, Cranmore12/05/19977/97 RO p.290
08830East Somerset Railway, Cranmore25/05/1997Guy Vincent
08830East Somerset Railway, Cranmore28/09/1997Lee Taylor
D3998East Somerset Railway, Cranmore28/06/1998Steve King