D3994 – 08826

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Acquired as a source of spares. Initially stored at the East Somerset Railway, Cranmore from October 2003. There is a reference to it then moving to Merehead Stone Terminal in June 2004. Interestingly there are no sightings of it at Merehead until the following summer but it was certainly at Whatley Quarry in February 2005. Thus, sightings of this locomotive between April 2004 and July 2005 will be of particular interest. In October 2008 it moved to the Mid-Hants Railway on loan. Late in 2010 it was moved to the Eastleigh Works site as a source of spares in connection with the overhaul of 08032 and 08933 and was scrapped there in April 2011.

Sightings for D3994 – 08826

LocoLocationDateSeen by
08826East Somerset Railway, Cranmore26/10/2003Peter Hall
08826East Somerset Railway, Cranmore22/11/2003Peter Harris
08826East Somerset Railway, Cranmore14/12/2003Guy Vincent
08826East Somerset Railway, Cranmore01/01/2004Guy Vincent
08826East Somerset Railway, Cranmore29/02/2004Guy Vincent
08826East Somerset Railway, Cranmore15/04/2004Guy Vincent
08826East Somerset Railway, Cranmore17/04/2004Guy Vincent
08826Whatley Quarry, near Frome20/02/2005Guy Vincent
08826Whatley Quarry, near Frome16/04/2005Vince Minto
08826Merehead Stone Terminal05/06/2005John Lewis
08826Merehead Stone Terminal11/07/2005Terry Irons
08826Merehead Stone Terminal29/10/2006Martin Harrison
08826Merehead Stone Terminal16/02/2007Jo Adler
08826Merehead Stone Terminal22/04/2007RO 2007 page 380
08826Merehead Stone Terminal05/05/2007Martin Harrison
08826Merehead Stone Terminal19/05/2007Peter Harris
08826Merehead Stone Terminal15/09/2007Martin Harrison
08826Merehead Stone Terminal21/06/2008Dave Higson
08826Merehead Stone Terminal22/06/2008Martin Harrison
08826Mid-Hants Railway, Alresford26/05/2009Peter Hall