D3955 – 08787 – "08296"

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Stabled between shunting duties at Whatley Quarry sidings on 12th June 2004 is 08787 masquerading as “08296”.   Vincent Minto

08787 in 2007. This picture was taken on 10th March 2007 at Machen Quarry, near Newport.   Brian Rolley

Arrived at East Somerset Railway early in 2000 from where it moved to Merehead Stone Terminal shortly after. Subsequently it has moved around visiting almost every location associated with these locomotives. Soon after arrival it acquired false identity 08296 which it still carries.  In March 2019 it moved from Machen Quarry where it had been for nearly thirteen years to Whatley Quarry where it remained until moving to Merehead Stone Terminal in October 2021.

Further details about this locomotive are given under 13366-D3366-08296 and D3955-08787.

Any sightings of this locomotive whilst located at Crewe or Trafford Park Works are also very much welcomed.

Sightings for D3955 – 08787 – “08296”

LocoLocationDateSeen by
08787ABB, Crewe Works31/07/1993Dave Kinsey
08787ABB, Trafford Park, Manchester17/06/1996Peter Hall
08787Adtranz, Crewe Works21/02/1998Jak
08787Adtranz, Crewe Works20/07/1999Peter Hall
08787Whatley Quarry, near Frome01/10/2000Guy Vincent
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome25/08/2001vince minto
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome01/02/2003Guy Vincent
“08296”Merehead Stone Terminal28/06/2003Simon Lomax
“08296”Merehead Stone Terminal13/07/2003Colin Bird
“08296”Merehead Stone Terminal13/08/2003Tom Curtis
“08296”Merehead Stone Terminal06/09/2003Guy Vincent
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome17/04/2004Guy Vincent
“08296”Machen Quarry, near Newport27/05/2004Steve Best
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome12/06/2004vince minto
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome16/04/2005vince minto
“08296”Foster Yeoman, Isle of Grain31/05/2005Peter Hall
“08296”Merehead Stone Terminal11/07/2005Terry Irons
“08296”Merehead Stone Terminal07/09/2005Mike Cubberley
“08296”Machen Quarry, near Newport02/03/2007Alistair Greive
“08296”Machen Quarry, near Newport17/11/2007Peter Hall
“08296”Machen Quarry, near Newport15/11/2008Phil Trotter
“08296”Machen Quarry, near Newport29/11/2008Phil Trotter
“08296”Machen Quarry, near Newport10/06/2009Peter Hall
“08296”Machen Quarry, near Newport16/05/2015Richard Clarke
“08296”Machen Quarry, near Newport22/08/2017M. Baldwin
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome06/04/2019Guy Vincent
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome04/08/2019Darren Bailey
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome08/09/2019CARS trip
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome19/01/2020Guy Vincent
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome22/11/2020via Adrian Booth
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome14/06/2021Guy Vincent
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome17/06/2021Guy Vincent
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome19/06/2021Guy Vincent
“08296”Whatley Quarry, near Frome03/07/2021Guy Vincent