D3925 – 08757

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08757 in use at Didcot Yard on 5th January 2012.   Peter Todd

Although DB Schenker owned this locomotive was consistently used at locations associated with the Somerset Quarries from early 2004 until mid 2008. It is understood that during this period it was actually on hire to Mendip Rail and certainly saw use at Whatley Quarry, Merehead Stone Terminal and Acton Yard. Subsequently it was often been found at Westbury undertaking duties for DB Schenker. For this locomotive any sightings between January 2004 and December 2010 are welcomed even if it was observed at a location not connected with the Somerset Quarries.

Observations so far submitted of 08757 are shown below. Please submit any further observations you might have made of this locomotive to Peter Hall giving details of date and location.

Sightings for D3925 – 08757

LocoLocationDateSeen by
08757Bescot Yard09/03/2004James Allen
08757Whatley Quarry18/09/2004Guy Vincent
08757Whatley Quarry20/02/2005Guy Vincent
08757Whatley Quarry12/05/2005John Stretton
08757Whatley Quarry05/06/2005John Lewis
08757Whatley Quarry11/06/2005Paul Green
08757Whatley Quarry23/06/2005Guy Vincent
08757Whatley Quarry11/07/2005Terry Irons
08757Old Oak Common12/08/2005Rod Miebs
08757Acton Yard29/09/2005Tom Curtis
08757Acton Yard13/01/2006Rod Miebs
08757Acton Yard21/03/2006Smifffy
08757Acton Yard04/08/2006Michael Proudfoot
08757Acton Yard09/09/2006Paul Green
08757Acton Yard03/10/2006Guy Vincent
08757Acton Yard10/11/2006alan donaldson
08757Acton Yard21/01/2007Rod Miebs
08757Acton Yard05/05/2007CARS trip report
08757Acton Yard05/07/2007Geoff Holmes
08757Acton Yard13/07/2007Brian Daniels
08757Acton Yard09/11/2007alan donaldson
08757Acton Yard17/01/2008Geoff Holmes
08757Acton Yard24/01/2008Rod Miebs
08757Acton Yard05/03/2008Chris Larkin
08757Acton Yard22/05/2008Geoff Holmes
08757Acton Yard07/06/2008Dan Adkins
08757Toton Depot20/08/2008Andy Rawlinson
08757Toton Depot26/09/2008Kerry Parker
08757Toton Depot03/03/2009Pail Illingworth
08757Toton Depot04/09/2009David Furmage
08757Toton Depot12/12/2009Simon Edwards
08757Westbury Yard (arrived by road from Toton)15/12/2009Guy Vincent
08757Westbury Yard28/12/2009Nigel Gould
08757Westbury Yard06/01/2010Louise Thompson
08757Westbury Yard20/02/2010Scott Turner
08757Westbury Yard27/03/2010Chris Larkin
08757Westbury Yard23/06/2010Trevor Plackett
08757Westbury Yard (departed by rail to Didcot)21/07/2010Guy Vincent
08757Westbury Yard (arrived by road from Didcot)04/08/2010Guy Vincent
08757Westbury Yard (departed by road to Didcot)23/08/2010Guy Vincent
08757Didcot Yard02/09/2010Peter Hall
08757Didcot Yard26/03/2011Smifffy
08757Didcot08/04/2011Guy Vincent
08757Didcot Yard21/04/2011Peter Todd
08757Didcot Yard30/04/2011Paul Green
08757Didcot Yard22/05/2011Paul Green
08757Didcot Yard02/07/2011Paul Green
08757Didcot Yard24/07/2011Keith Busby
08757Didcot Yard13/08/2011Andrew Barclay
08757Didcot Yard03/10/2011
08757Didcot Yard21/01/2012Paul Green
08757Didcot Yard11/02/2012Paul Green
08757Didcot Yard02/03/2012Paul Green
08757Didcot Yard27/03/2012Wayland Smith
08757Didcot Yard05/05/2012Paul Green
08757Didcot Yard22/07/2012Peter Hall
08757Didcot Yard06/10/2012Peter Hall
08757Crewe IEMD05/04/2013Chris Cowley