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Hired from RFS (Engineering), Doncaster on various occasions between the Summer of 1998 and Summer of 2000. This locomotive first saw use at the Isle of Grain Stone Terminal, Kent during September 1998 before moving to Whatley Quarry near Frome the following month. In January 1999 it returned to RFS (Engineering), Doncaster. A further hiring between September 1999 and April 2000 again saw it used at Whatley Quarry near Frome.

For this locomotive any sightings from 1998 to 2000 whilst both in Somerset and elsewhere would be very much appreciated.

Sightings for D3892 - 08724

Loco Location Date Seen by
08724 RFS (Engineering), Doncaster 31/08/1998 David Smith
08724 Whatley Quarry, near Frome 19/09/1999 Guy Vincent
08724 Whatley Quarry, near Frome 05/12/1999 Guy Vincent
08724 Whatley Quarry, near Frome 05/04/2000 Simon Lomax


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