D3763 – 08596

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Hired from Wabtec Rail, Doncaster on two seperate occasions for use at Whatley Quarry, near Frome. The first was from January 2004 until cMarch 2004, the second during March 2006. Between these visits it spent time at Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal and the Doncaster Workshops of Wabtec Rail. For this locomotive any sightings of it from 2004 to 2006 would be very much apprecaited.

Sightings for D3763 – 08596

LocoLocationDateSeen by
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster23/12/2003Frank Kutta
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster07/03/2004Colin Bird
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster11/04/2004Paul Crosby
08596Wabted Rail, Doncaster27/07/2004Simon Edwards
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster26/08/2004Adrian Booth
08596DIRFT, Crick16/10/2004Mark Scriven
08596DIRFT, Crick06/11/2004Paul Ward
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster13/11/2004Ian Delgado
08596DIRFT, Crick08/12/2004Mark Scriven
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster12/03/2005Pat Neal
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster10/05/2005Tom Procter
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster24/05/2005Tom Procter
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster31/05/2005Tom Procter
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster05/06/2005John Anthony
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster06/08/2005
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster05/02/2006Colin Bird
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster13/02/2006Martin Cheal
08596Wabtec Rail, Doncaster11/06/2006Neville Lee