D3738 – 08571

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Hired from RFS (Engineering), Doncaster arriving at Whatley Quarry near Frome in early 1999. It would appear to have seen regular use at Whatley Quarry until the Spring of 2002 when it returned to Doncaster. It may though have returned to Doncaster on at least one other occasion for mechanical attention. For this locomotive any sightings of it from 1999 to 2002 whilst in Somerset and elsewhere would be very much appreciated.

Sightings for D3738 -08571

LocoLocationDateSeen by
08571RFS (Engineering), Doncaster17/02/1999Peter Hall
08571RFS (Engineering), Doncaster19/02/1999Peter Hall
08571RFS (Engineering), Doncaster30/05/1999Peter Hall
08571RFS (Engineering), Doncaster27/06/1999Peter Hall
08571RFS (Engineering), Doncaster06/07/1999Peter Hall
08571RFS (Engineering), Doncaster12/07/1999Peter Hall
08571Whatley Quarry, near Frome19/09/1999Guy Vincent
08571Whatley Quarry, near Frome30/01/2000Guy Vincent
08571Whatley Quarry, near Frome05/04/2000Simon Lomax
08571Whatley Quarry, near Frome01/07/200railalbum website
08571Whatley Quarry, near Frome01/10/2000Guy Vincent
08571Whatley Quarry, near Frome05/11/2000Guy Vincent
08571Whatley Quarry, near Frome24/06/2001Guy Vincent
08571Wabtec Rail, Doncaster26/01/2002Mark Scriven
08571Wabtec Rail, Doncaster10/06/2002Peter Hall