D3044 – 08032

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Freshly re-painted 08032 is pictured at the East Somerset Railway on 10th November 2001   Simeon Gaskell

Arrived Merehead Stone Terminal February 1975 and spent most of its time their until being loaned to the Mid-Hants Railway in 2008. In the early 2000’s it did spend various periods of time at the East Somerset Railway and in 2006 it spent some time at Whatley Quarry. It was overhauled at Eastleigh Works during 2010-2012.

Sightings for D3044 – 08032

LocoLocationDateSeen by
08032Derby Works22/09/1974Tom Bartlett
08032Derby Works26/01/1975Tom Bartlett
08032Bromsgrove21/02/1975p.8 Traction 157
08032Gloucester Depot22/02/1975Tom Bartlett
08032Merehead Stone Terminal11/07/1976Nick Lawford
08032Merehead Stone Terminal18/08/1977Rod Miebs
08032Merehead Stone Terminal29/04/1978Guy Vincent
08032Merehead Stone Terminal04/06/1979Paul Bartlett
08032Gloucester Depot01/03/1980Peter Hall
08032Merehead Stone Terminal17/06/1982IRS ref 82-5107
08032Merehead Stone Terminal17/09/1982Adrian Booth
08032Merehead Stone Terminal01/11/1986Mark Cook
08032Merehead Stone Terminal25/06/1989Terry Irons
08032Merehead Stone Terminal29/03/1992Peter Hall
08032Merehead Stone Terminal13/06/1993Guy Vincent
08032Merehead Stone Terminal20/11/1993Guy Vincent
08032Merehead Stone Terminal29/03/1994Lee Taylor
08032Merehead Stone Terminal07/09/1994Adrian Booth
08032Merehead Stone Terminal08/09/1994Adrian Booth
08032Merehead Stone Terminal09/09/1994Adrian Booth
08032Merehead Stone Terminal13/05/1995Lee Taylor
08032Merehead Stone Terminal12/05/1996Lee Taylor
08032Merehead Stone Terminal28/06/1998Guy Vincent
08032Merehead Stone Terminal05/04/2000Simon Lomax
08032Merehead Stone Terminal05/06/2001Terry Campion
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore10/11/2001Simeon Gaskell
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore05/05/2002Guy Vincent
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore05/04/2003Guy Vincent
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore06/04/2003Guy Vincent
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore07/04/2003Guy Vincent
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore26/10/2003Peter Hall
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore22/11/2003Peter Harris
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore14/12/2003Guy Vincent
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore01/01/2004Guy Vincent
08032Merehead Stone Terminal05/04/2004Peter Hollis
08032Merehead Stone Terminal15/04/2004Guy Vincent
08032Merehead Stone Terminal17/04/2004Guy Vincent
08032Merehead Stone Terminal07/05/2004Guy Vincent
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore23/03/2005Clive Warneford
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore23/06/2005Guy Vincent
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore08/08/2005Clive Warneford
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore07/10/2005Mike Cubberley
08032East Somerset Railway, Cranmore13/11/2005Guy Vincent
08032Whatley Quarry, near Frome28/03/2006John Stretton
08032Whatley Quarry, near Frome08/06/2006Peter Hall
08032Merehead Stone Terminal25/07/2006Daniel
08032Merehead Stone Terminal28/08/2006Martin Harrison
08032Merehead Stone Terminal29/10/2006Martin Harrison
08032Merehead Stone Terminal16/02/2007Jo Adler
08032Merehead Stone Terminal22/04/2007RO 2007 page 380
08032Merehead Stone Terminal05/05/2007Martin Harrison
08032Merehead Stone Terminal19/05/2007Peter Harris
08032Merehead Stone Terminal15/09/2007Martin Harrison
08032Merehead Stone Terminal21/06/2008Phil Trotter
08032Merehead Stone Terminal22/06/2008Martin Harrison
08032Mid Hants Railway, Alresford26/05/2009Peter Hall
08032Mid Hants Railway, Ropley01/07/2009Steve Best
08032Mid Hants Railway, Ropley07/03/2010Chris Larkin
08032Mid Hants Railway, Ropley11/09/2010Chris Larkin
08032Eastleigh Works (arriving)20/10/2010Carl Watson
08032Mid Hants Railway, Ropley20/02/2013Jim Sewell