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D3002 can now be found at the Plym Valley Railway. It is pictured in use their on 25th May 1994.   Steve Barnett

Arrived at Merehead Stone Terminal in November 1972 and departed for the Plym Valley Railway in July 1982. Although normally to be found at Merehead Stone Terminal it did make several visits to BR depots for mechanical attention.

Sightings for D3002

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D3002Merehead Stone Terminal02/03/1973Stewart Hookins
D3002Bristol Bath Road Depot19/05/1976p.231 7/76 RO
D3002Merehead Stone Terminal11/07/1976Nick Lawford
D3002Merehead Stone Terminal23/04/1977Peter Hall
D3002Merehead Stone Terminal18/08/1977Rod Miebs
D3002Merehead Stone Terminal29/04/1978Guy Vincent
D3002Merehead Stone Terminal04/06/1979Paul Bartlett
D3002Gloucester Depot01/03/1980Peter Hall
D3002Marsh Mills Works, Plympton13/09/1982IRS 3BRD p31, Adrian Booth
D3002Plym Valley Railway07/07/1988Paul Green
D3002Plym Valley Railway25/05/1996Peter Hall
D3002Plym Valley Rly passenger workings25/04/2014Steve Barnett