Ex BR Class 08's of the Somerset Quarries

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D3003 (right) + 08032 (left) in use at Merehead Stone Terminal on 18th August 1977.   Rod Miebs

A number of Ex BR Class 08’s have seen use or have been located at the Somerset Stone Quarries and associated locations since the early 1970’s. Although initially these were only located at Merehead Stone Terminal (now referred to as Merehead Rail Terminal), in more recent times they have also been located at Whatley Quarry and other associated locations such as the East Somerset Railway, Isle of Grain Stone Terminal, Machen Quarry and Acton Yard. Exactly which locomotive has been located at which location and when is though not fully known. Thus, any observations of the listed Mendip Rail locomotives since they arrived at the Somerset Quarries are very much welcomed in order to build up a better picture of their movements. In addition observations made of the ‘hired in’ Ex BR Class 08’s whilst in use at the Somerset Stone Quarries and associated locations are very much welcomed.


Listed below are fistly the various Mendip Rail Ex BR Class 08’s and secondly the various ‘hired in’ Ex BR Class 08’s that have been located in the Somerset Quarries and associated locations. By clicking on a particular locomotive you will be taken to a page giving brief historical details and any observations so far submitted. Your observations should be submitted to Peter Hall  Please give details of locomotive number, date and location

In addition to these locomotives DB Schenker owned Class 08 08757 has had a close association with the Somerset Quarries between 2004 and 2010. Sightings of 08757 during this period are also being sort.  See D3925 – 08757 for those so far received.

08787 masquerading as 08296 is pictured whilst in use at Whatley Quarry, near Frome on 17th April 2004   Guy Vincent

08947 is pictured at Whatley Quarry, near Frome on 28th December 2015 shortly after it had arrived from overhaul at Eastleigh Works. Guy Vincent

Mendip Rail owned Class 08s



D3044 – 08032

D3739 – 08572 – “08731”

D3810 – 08643

D3817 – 08650

D3819 – 08652

D3955 – 08787 – “08296”

D3994 – 08826

D4163 – 08933

D4177 – 08947

Class 08s hired in by Mendip Rail

D3532 – 08417

D3673 – 08511

D3738 – 08571

D3763 – 08596

D3769 – 08602

D3782 – 08615

D3892 – 08724

D3898 – 08730

D3925 – 08757

D3998 – 08830


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