DB968016 (ex D5508 – 31008)

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Converted to ETS generating unit in 1980 for use in the GE area. It is debatable how much use it actually saw as no observations of it anywhere other than at Stratford have so far been submitted. It is though possible that it was used at Thornton Fields Carriage Sidings, but rarely observed. Scrapped at Crewe in 1985.

Sightings for DB968016

LocoLocationDateSeen by
DB968016Stratford Depot22/11/1980Chris Larkin
As 31008Entered Stratford DRS30/01/1981Great Eastern Railway Society
As 31008Departed Stratford DRS31/01/1981Great Eastern Railway Society
As 31008Stratford Depot11/07/1981RO 09/81
DB968016Stratford Depot27/07/1981Ed Mann
DB968016Stratford Depot22/08/1981Kevin Davies
DB968016Stratford Depot04/02/1982Rail May 82 Page 49
DB968016Stratford Depot18/09/1982Alan Costello
DB968016Stratford Depot13/11/1982Steve Webster
DB968016Left Stratford Depot15/12/1982Rail Mar 83 Page 45
DB968016Toton Depot (Arrived)23/12/1982Rail April 83 Page 52
DB968016Toton Depot04/01/1983Steve Webster
DB968016Toton Depot (Left)08/01/1983Rail April 83 Page 52
DB968016Crewe Works (Photo)10/01/1983Rail April 83 Page 54
DB968016Crewe Works01/02/1983Rail May 83 Page 40
DB968016Crewe Works11/06/1983Simeon Gaskell
DB968016Crewe Works17/07/1983Roy Hennefer
DB968016Crewe Works13/08/1983Simeon Gaskell
DB968016Crewe Works18/09/1983Chris Larkin
DB968016Crewe Works08/10/1983Paul Green
DB968016Crewe Works09/10/1983Edward Irvine (8441)
DB968016Crewe Works04/12/1983Roy Hennefer
DB968016Crewe Works10/12/1983Peter Hall
DB968016Crewe Works15/01/1984Lawrie Bowles
DB968016Crewe Works16/01/1984Guy Vincent
DB968016Crewe Works31/01/1984Rail May 1984 page 60
DB968016Crewe Works04/02/1984Edward Irvine (8441)
DB968016Crewe Works04/03/1984Lawrie Bowles
DB968016Crewe Works11/03/1984Roy Hennefer
DB968016Crewe Works08/04/1984Lawrie Bowles
DB968016Crewe Works21/04/1984Edward Irvine (8441)
DB968016Crewe Works28/04/1984Roy Hennefer
DB968016Crewe Works12/05/1984Simeon Gaskell
DB968016Crewe Works27/05/1984Rail Aug 1984 Page 56
DB968016Crewe Works02/06/1984Simeon Gaskell
DB968016Crewe Works02/06/1984Paul Green
DB968016Crewe Works02/06/1984Guy Vincent
DB968016Crewe Works24/06/1984Rail Sep 1984 Page 28
DB968016Crewe Works22/07/1984Roy Hennefer
DB968016Crewe Works26/08/1984Stewart Hookins
DB968016Crewe Works01/09/1984Rail Oct 84 page 18
DB968016Crewe Works30/09/1984Rail Dec 84 page 18
DB968016Crewe Works21/10/1984Edward Irvine (8441)
DB968016Crewe Works28/10/1984Simeon Gaskell
DB968016Crewe Works18/11/1984Roy Hennefer
DB968016Crewe Works18/11/1984Mark Cook
DB968016Crewe Works19/12/1984Simeon Gaskell
DB968016Crewe Works09/02/1985Edward Irvine (8441)
DB968016Crewe Works17/02/1985Roy Hennefer
DB968016Crewe Works16/03/1985Simeon Gaskell
DB968016Crewe Works30/03/1985Kevin Watson