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ADB968015 (previously 31014) at Great Yarmouth on 13th June 1981   Tony Willmore

Converted to ETS generating unit in 1977 and used initially in the GN area. Soon after conversion an 'A' prefix was added to the number.    Subsequently it was transferred to the GE area where it was mainly used at Great Yarmouth and finally Cambridge. Following a period in storage at March it was noted being hauled north over the Lincoln avoiding line by a Class 37 along with ADB968013 on 11th April 1983 en route to Doncaster Works. Scrapped at Doncaster Works later in 1983.

Sightings for DB968015

Loco Location Date Seen by
As 31014 Entered Stratford DRS for conversion 07/02/177 Great Eastern Railway Society
As 31014 Finsbury Park Depot 02/07/1977 Paul Green
DB968015 Hornsey 16/07/1977 Mister C
DB968015 Hornsey 26/07/1977 David Smallwood
TDB968015 Finsbury Park Depot 23/08/1977 Peter Hall
DB968015 Bounds Green Depot 19/11/1977 p.69 2/78 RO
DB968015 Bounds Green Depot 22/04/1978 Paul Green
ADB968015 Bounds Green Depot 22/07/1979 Kevin Law
ADB968015 Bounds Green Depot 26/07/1979 The Power of the Class 31s plate 27
ADB968015 Finsbury Park Depot 14/08/1979 Alan Ledwick
ADB968015 Entered Stratford DRS 29/12/1979 Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968015 Departed Stratford DRS 16/01/1980 Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968015 Finsbury Park Depot 19/01/1980 Mark Nicholls
ADB968015 Entered Stratford DRS 01/02/1980 Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968015 Departed Stratford DRS 12/03/1980 Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968015 Norwich Depot 27/04/1980 Martyn Hilbert
ADB968015 Norwich Depot 28/04/1980 RM 08/80
ADB968015 Norwich Depot 03/05/1980 Kevin Watson
ADB968015 Norwich 15/09/1980 Alan Ledwick
ADB968015 Great Yarmouth CS 18/10/1980 Stewart Hookins
ADB968015 Great Yarmouth CS 18/04/1981 Andrew Dodgson
ADB968015 Great Yarmouth CS 13/06/1981 Lewis Bevan
ADB968015 Great Yarmouth 27/06/1981 Mister C
ADB968015 Great Yarmouth 11/07/1981 Kevin Davies
ADB968015 Norwich Depot 17/07/1981 Andrew Dodgson
ADB968015 Norwich Depot 19/07/1981 Andrew Dodgson
ADB968015 Great Yarmouth CS 18/08/1981 Mark Sutton
ADB968015 Great Yarmouth CS 21/11/1981 Martin Cowgill
ADB968015 Norwich Depot 05/03/1982 Martin Cowgill
ADB968015 Norwich Depot 25/04/1982 Kevin Law
ADB968015 Great Yarmouth 03/07/1982 Paul Green
ADB968015 Great Yarmouth 02/10/1982 Flickr
ADB968015 Ely (hauled south) (Is this a mistake for ADB968013?) 04/10/1982 Rail Jan 83 pag 47
ADB968015 Arrived Cambridge in the formation of the afternoon Whitemoor Yard - Cambridge freight hauled by 31291 27/10/1982 Mister C research
ADB968015 Cambridge Depot 27/11/1982 Peter Hall
ADB968015 Shunted from Cambridge Carriage Sidings to Cambridge Yard 01/12/1982 Mister C research
ADB968015 Moved Cambridge to Whitemoor Yard in morning freight headed by 37193+31218 along with ADB968008 & ADB968013 03/12/82 Mister C research
ADB968015 March West Junction hauled by 31424 along with ADB968008 & ADB968013 16/12/1982 Kevin Allen
ADB968015 March Depot (stored) 28/12/1982 Steve Webster
ADB968015 March Depot (stored) 23/01/1983 Kevin Law
ADB968015 Lincoln Avoiding Line 11/04/1983 Steve Webster
ADB968015 Doncaster Works (cut pieces, frame possibly intact) 12/06/1983 Brian Cuttell


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